Expand Your Warehouse Space without Having to Move: Invest in Industrial Mezzanine Floors in Melbourne

Expand Your Warehouse Space without Having to Move: Invest in Industrial Mezzanine Floors in Melbourne

It’s a common dilemma in the world of warehousing: is it better to move and get more floor space or stay put and make do with insufficient space? On the one hand, if you are running out of warehouse space, you will eventually need to figure out a solution. You don’t want insufficient warehousing capacity to hinder the growth of your business. On the other hand, moving all your inventory to a newer, bigger warehouse is a massive operation—not to mention the added expense of extra floor space.

What do you do?

At the Unistor Group, we have a better option for you—one that will allow your company to stay put at its current warehouse without running out of space. We manufacture, sell, and install warehouse mezzanine floors in Melbourne.

Mezzanine floors, if you aren’t aware, are free-standing intermediate floors. They are a way to add upstairs areas to your warehouse floor without needing to invest in any expensive renovation work. They can also go above machinery, storage areas, packing areas and other items or systems on your warehouse floor. A mezzanine floor always has open space beneath it, which means that it adds to the floor space of your warehouse without compromising the space that is already there.


Why Install Industrial Mezzanine Floors in Your Melbourne Warehouse

Adding mezzanine floors to your Melbourne warehouse is a way to add to (or even double) your floor space without having to move to a new space. Moving several tonnes worth of equipment, machinery, and inventory from one location to another is a logistical nightmare—and an expensive one at that. Even when companies outgrow their warehouses, they often wait awhile to move, simply because executing the move is such a huge hurdle.

With the Unistor Group’s industrial mezzanine floors in Melbourne, you can give your warehouse a second life. If you are running out of space in your warehouse and need a solution fast, just give us a call at Unistor. We can help you identify areas in your warehouse where you are wasting vertical space and could benefit from having mezzanine floors. From there, we can design and custom build mezzanine flooring solutions to meet your needs. Finally, we install the mezzanine floors for you, giving you a huge amount of extra space in no time at all.

If you already have mezzanine floors at your Melbourne warehouse, don’t worry. The Unistor Group can add to your existing mezzanines or create additional mezzanine floors that match your existing floors in colour, height, flooring, and construction.

Call the Unistor Group to Get Started

If you are running out of space at your warehouse but want to avoid a move, give us a call at the Unistor Group. With our warehouse mezzanine floors in Melbourne, we can give your business the option to stay at the same warehouse for months or years longer—all without compromising your growth. To get started, just ring us up on 1300 372 994.

Double the floor space in your warehouse

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