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The client required the installation of a large mezzanine system covering 2000m², accompanied by conveyor crossovers and access platforms.

One of the key challenges was ensuring that the mezzanine could absorb the dynamic loads generated by the conveyors while maintaining a clear open span underneath for the operation of AMR robots. Additionally, the entire structure, including the flooring, had to be suitable for use in a chilled environment, adding complexity to the project.


Unistor understood the time-senstive nature of the project as they were brought onto the project with less than 12 weeks left before site works needed to commence. Despite being a greenfield site, the floor slabs had already been designed, requiring Unistor to adapt and design columns and baseplates that could efficiently distribute point loads through the existing slabs.

Through effective planning and engineering, Unistor not only met the client's specifications but also achieved significant time and cost savings. The successful implementation of the mezzanine system, conveyor crossovers, and access platforms allowed the client to seamlessly integrate their operations, particularly with the use of AMR robots, within the chilled environment.

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