Rack Supported Mezzanine

Rack Supported Mezzanine

Take your warehouse storage to new heights with Unistor Group - Australia’s premier supplier and manufacturer of rack supported mezzanine floors.

The Rack Supported Mezzanine Experts

With over thirty years of industry expertise, we guarantee unmatched quality. 

Unistor provides end-to-end project services including consultation, customised mezzanine design, manufacturing, installation, and aftersales support. As a result, you work directly with the manufacturer, an advantage that will ultimately save you thousands. 

Choose Unistor For Your Rack Supported Mezzanine

We have delivered major projects for global brands such as Coles, Teco, and Bridgestone Tyres - speaking to our reputation as industry leaders.

Whether you’re operating a warehouse or commercial space, our rack supported mezzanine floors will enhance your workflow and boost productivity, offering a cost-efficient solution to expand your floor space while eliminating the need for a costly relocation. 

Choose Unistor For Your Rack Supported Mezzanine

Rack Supported Mezzanine Manufacturer

Our rack supported mezzanine floors are 100% Australian made, ensuring a high standard of quality. Certified for required loading capacity and Work Health & Safety compliant, we back the durability of our workmanship with a 5-year guarantee.

Being the leading provider of rack supported mezzanines and compatible mezzanine floor products for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and throughout Australia - we see the value in creating a safe work environment that increases your team’s productivity. 

Rack Supported Mezzanine Manufacturer

What Is A Rack Supported Mezzanine?

A rack supported mezzanine is a storage solution that utilises standard pallet rack components to create an additional floor level, effectively doubling your existing floor space.

Other names for rack supported mezzanines are simply rack mezzanines or shelf mezzanines (though it should be noted that we use racks, not shelves for our mezzanine support structures).

A rack supported mezzanine involves constructing a raised platform supported by heavy-duty racks, providing a cost-effective way to expand storage capacity. Unistor’s versatile solutions integrate seamlessly with existing rack systems and offer flexibility in configuration. 

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What Is A Rack Supported Mezzanine?

Load Capacity For A Rack Supported Mezzanine System

Our rack supported mezzanine systems have varying load capacity, based on its design, the materials used in its construction, the area of its footprint, and the height of the structure.

These floors can be configured for loading capacities from 300 kgs per square metre and for loading up to 700 kgs per square metre. 

Safety is always at the forefront of our operations, and Unistor rack supported mezzanines come with essential features like staircases, handrails, pallet loading gates, and safety signage, ensuring a secure working environment for your facilities.

Contact our team today to gain a precise understanding of the load capacity for your specific needs.

Load Capacity For A Rack Supported Mezzanine System

Rack Supported Mezzanines Maximise Storage Capacity

By adding multiple levels of shelving or racking above the ground floor, they significantly increase the storage area within the same footprint. Each mezzanine floor design is customised to suit your unique storage requirements and fit seamlessly into your existing building, ensuring maximum efficiency and integration.

We offer a comprehensive range of complementary products and services designed to further optimise your new rack supported mezzanine.

From incorporating catwalk systems between storage areas, to including specialised material handling equipment such as conveyors and pallet load gates, our aim is to create an integrated raised storage platform that meets all your operational needs.

Rack Supported Mezzanines Maximise Storage Capacity

Double The Floor Space In Your Warehouse

Contact our professionals today to tailor a mezzanine floor solution to meet your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

A rack-supported mezzanine modifies an existing pallet racking system to support an extra floor. Through structural analysis, the system's load-bearing capacity is determined, ensuring its suitability for the mezzanine. Strategic layout planning optimises support integration. During construction, uprights, beams, and braces are fortified to handle the added weight. Finally, a mezzanine deck is laid atop, providing a stable, level surface.

At Unistor, our mezzanine floor systems are designed to seamlessly integrate with a variety of rack systems. These include pallet racks, industrial shelves, and long span shelving systems. Our solutions optimise space utilisation in industrial buildings, ensuring clear spans that avoid interference with existing storage and work areas. Consider our competitively priced mezzanine packages for efficient storage management.

Yes, pallet racking can be converted into a mezzanine structure. Known as rack-supported mezzanines, this approach maximises overhead space by adding floor decking above pallet racks, providing additional storage or workspaces. However, not all pallet racking is suitable for this purpose. Always consult a mezzanine professional, like our team at Unistor, to assess your current racking system before proceeding. 

Our rack supported mezzanines are freestanding structures. They are designed to stand independently with upright frames, and don't rely on the existing building structure for support. This design allows them to be highly customisable and adaptable to various industrial spaces. Opting for a rack supported mezzanine can significantly increase your storage capacity while ensuring the structural integrity of your facility.

The height of a rack supported mezzanine can vary based on the specific needs of your warehouse and materials used. However, our typical rack supported mezzanines often range between 2.5 to 5 metres high. At Unistor, we can custom design our mezzanine systems to fit your warehouse layout, maximising vertical space for optimal storage capacity and operational efficiency.

A rack supported mezzanine is installed by erecting pallet racking systems to act as the support structure. Special cold-rolled steel joists are fixed to the top level of the rack, then flooring is laid onto the joists. Our team at Unistor ensures a smooth, efficient installation process that minimises downtime. We carefully plan ahead of installation, considering your unique storage needs and floor layout. Maximise your storage capacity with our rack supported mezzanines.