Industrial Mezzanine

Industrial Mezzanine

Harness the full potential of your commercial space with Unistor Group – Australia’s leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial mezzanine floors.

The Industrial Mezzanine Specialists

With over three decades of experience to our name, we specialise in the bespoke design and production of industrial mezzanine floor systems. This makes us the top choice for industrial businesses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and throughout Australia. 

Choose Unistor For Your Industrial Mezzanine

At Unistor, we offer end-to-end project services from consultation, design, manufacturing to installation, ensuring you deal directly with the manufacturer.

Certified for loading and Work Health & Safety compliant, we back our industrial mezzanine floor systems with a 5-year guarantee on all workmanship.

With Unistor, you can explore an array of options for your existing building - including raised storage areas, mezzanine floors, walkovers and shelving systems, specifically tailored to meet your unique needs.

Choose Unistor For Your Industrial Mezzanine

About Industrial Mezzanines

An industrial mezzanine is an elevated, manually-installed flooring system, serving as an intermediate floor within industrial facilities.

Ideal for adaptable spaces like warehouses or commercial workspaces, this solution is highly cost-effective, as it optimises vertical space without the need for intensive construction or relocation. 

Our robust, industrial mezzanines are designed to bear heavy loads, improve workflow, and can significantly enhance storage capacity and operational efficiency.

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About Industrial Mezzanines

Different Types Of Industrial Mezzanines

Each type of industrial mezzanine solution has its own advantages and can be tailored to fit the specific needs of your business.

It's important to consider factors such as available space, the intended use, and the weight capacity requirement when choosing the right type of mezzanine. Our team at Unistor will guide you every step of the way. 

- Production Mezzanine - Raised Plant Platform - Wet Area Mezzanine - Food Processing Mezzanine - Bunded Chemical Mezzanine - Extra Heavy Duty Mezzanine - Loading Dock Mezzanine - Hot Formed Mezzanine - Cold Formed Mezzanine - Hybrid Mezzanine - Concrete Mezzanine - Multi-Tier Mezzanine - Rack Supported Mezzanine
Different Types Of Industrial Mezzanines

Benefits Of Industrial Mezzanine Floors

Double the floor space in your warehouse

Contact our professionals today to tailor a Mezzanine Floor solution to meet your requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Unistor provides flexible, customised industrial mezzanine systems, optimised for your specific space and operational needs. Our designs promote efficient storage and productivity, transforming your existing building for maximised utility. We continually innovate, delivering high-quality, cost-effective mezzanines that adapt to your business. Invest in a customised Unistor mezzanine system and make the most of every square metre.

Industrial mezzanine floors at Unistor are designed to be sturdy and support various loading capacities, from light storage to heavy machinery. Our custom, certified mezzanine solutions handle different load requirements, optimising warehouse storage space securely and efficiently. Trust Unistor for robust and reliable industrial mezzanine systems tailored to your specific requirements.

In Australia, industrial mezzanine floor installations must comply with Australian building standards for safety and legality. Our mezzanines adhere to AS1170, AS1657, AS1428

And the National Construction Code (NCC/BCA). This includes obtaining building regulation approval.

All Unistor flooring solutions are certified for loading and Work Health & Safety compliant to ensure a safe, structurally sound workspace. You can consult our expert team for comprehensive guidance around building regulations. 

An industrial mezzanine floor can vary in height, typically requiring a minimum of 1.9 metres above and 2 metres below. However, the precise height depends on the specific requirements of the industrial facility, including the existing building's dimensions and usage purpose.  The design flexibility allows optimal use of vertical space, maximising warehouse efficiency. Accurate dimensions are key to a successful project, so get in touch with our Unistor team for the best solution today. 

Determining the thickness of an industrial mezzanine floor depends on the material used —wood, metal, or composite—but is typically around 15-30cm mark. This also varies based on load requirements capacity. Ensuring proper thickness guarantees durability, safety and efficient usage. Always consult with our professional mezzanine floor experts for the best advice tailored to your specific industrial needs.

The ideal mezzanine flooring material depends on your unique requirements and range widely. Our Meiser Grating and UNILIN Panels are popular choices.

Meiser Grating, a metallic mesh platform, offers strength and high load-bearing capacity, ideal for industrial applications. 

Unilin Panels are made from recovered wood, offering cost-effectiveness, fire protection, and ease of installation, making them suitable for automated industries.

Consult our team to choose the best material for your needs.

At Unistor, we understand that industrial sites are highly varied environments with special requirements often not considered in original designs. A mezzanine is a semi-permanent intermediate floor within a building that increases usable space, often used for storage or office areas. On the other hand, a work platform, also known as a raised platform or access platform, is a temporary, elevated area designed to facilitate work at heights, often used in construction, maintenance, and manufacturing settings.

A mezzanine floor is an intermediary level between two main floors or between a single-story floor and ceiling. Occupying partial floor space with a low ceiling, it maximises vertical space without expanding the building's footprint. Accessible by custom staircases, walkways, ladders, or tread devices, mezzanines can be used as work platforms.