From our 100% Australian-made mezzanine flooring, automated solutions to secure storage, and shelving systems - we can take your e-commerce warehouse to new heights.

E-Commerce Warehousing Made Easy

Experience the future of warehousing with Unistor Group — Australia's leading manufacturer and supplier of mezzanine solutions. As the online marketplace expands and the demand for warehouse space soars, we're here to ensure you stay ahead of the curve. Unistor specialises in solutions that enable e-commerce warehouses to flourish. 

Why Unistor is Your Ideal E-commerce Partner

For over three decades, Unistor has been the go-to for industrial businesses looking for bespoke mezzanine flooring solutions in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and throughout Australia. In the evolving e-commerce landscape, the need for efficient inventory management is more vital than ever. With this in mind, we offer customised solutions — ranging from dedicated office spaces to innovative rack systems for extra storage capacity. Our top-quality products excel in performance, whether employed for bulk distribution or space optimisation. 

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Why Unistor is Your Ideal E-commerce Partner

Benefits of Mezzanine Solutions in E-Commerce Warehouse

In the e-commerce sector, space means potential. Our customisable mezzanine solutions present an efficient, profitable, and excellent long-term investment for your e-commerce needs. Unistor’s wide range of products offer key advantages in enhancing your warehouse operations, including:

Common Warehouse Applications

Mezzanine floors aren't a one-size-fits-all solution, and at Unistor, we know this better than anyone. Through our range of solutions, we cater to the unique demands that come with managing an e-commerce warehouse, ensuring that every inch of your dedicated space works in your favour. Certified for loading and Work Health and Safety compliant, Unistor provides a 5 year guarantee on all workmanship for assurance on the quality and durability of all of our products. Common uses of our mezzanine solutions in the e-commerce sector include:

Double The Floor Space In Your Warehouse

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Frequently Asked Questions

Installing Unistor mezzanine floor in an e-commerce warehouse offers enhanced storage capacity, maximises vertical space, and ensures cost-effective expansion. This strategic investment boosts operational efficiency, seamlessly integrates with tech systems, and is a game-changer for e-commerce growth, making our solutions a pivotal asset for competitive commercial success.

Yes, Unistor’s mezzanine floors are ideal for multi-level e-commerce warehouses. Our tailored mezzanine solutions amplify storage space, driving operational efficiency. Easily incorporated into your existing warehouse design, they offer a cost-effective way to maximise ROI, making Unistor's mezzanines a preferred choice for forward-thinking e-commerce businesses aiming for scalable growth.

The cost of installing a mezzanine floor in an e-commerce warehouse varies based on size, specifications, and your existing warehouse layout. However, choosing Unistor ensures a cost-effective, high-quality solution tailored to your business. Partner with Unistor to enhance storage potential and gain a competitive edge in the e-commerce landscape. Speak to our team today to discuss options. 


Unistor specialises in optimising e-commerce warehouses with mezzanine floors. Integrating a mezzanine system into your existing blueprint ensures operations aren't interrupted. This strategic addition can potentially double your floor space, elevating warehouse capacity and efficiency. Trust us to transform your warehouse into a high-performing e-commerce business.

In Australia, mezzanine floor installations must comply with seven basic building standards for safety and legality. This includes obtaining building regulation approval. All Unistor flooring solutions are certified for loading and Work Health and Safety compliant to ensure a safe, structurally sound workspace. Consult our expert team for comprehensive guidance around building regulations in your e-commerce warehouse.