Mezzanine Handrails

Mezzanine Handrails

Enhance your workplace safety with Unistor's mezzanine handrail solutions - an essential safety feature for any mezzanine system.

Improve Mezzanine Safety

Our customisable handrail product range provides the necessary protection for your employees and goods alike - fostering a compliant, low-risk environment that will boost productivity.

As Australia's premier manufacturer and installer of warehouse mezzanine solutions, Unistor is your trusted partner in delivering quality and safety.

Types Of Mezzanine Handrails

Here at Unistor, know that one size doesn't fit all. That's why we offer a wide range of mezzanine handrails that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Designed to fit perfectly with any existing warehouse mezzanine system or to complement your new installation, our handrails provide a perfect balance of functionality and aesthetics.

With options like vertical bar, mesh infill, or glass panel handrails, our products seamlessly blend into any warehouse, manufacturing facility, or office space. 

Types Of Mezzanine Handrails

Safety In The Workspace With Mezzanine Handrails

Workplace safety is paramount, and Unistor's mezzanine handrails are your first line of defence. They ensure secure elevated areas, protect workers by defining clear walkways, reduce accidents from slips or trips, and prevent items from falling off the edges.

Our mezzanine handrails will also ensure that you comply with Australian building regulations - a non-negotiable for your workplace.

All Unistor solutions are Work Health & Safety compliant, backed by a 5-year guarantee on all workmanship. 

Safety In The Workspace With Mezzanine Handrails

Keep Your Workers Safe With Unistor

At Unistor, we believe in creating spaces that foster growth, innovation, and, above all, safety. Our mezzanine handrails offer unrivalled strength and stability, ensuring your team can operate with absolute peace of mind.

We understand that every workspace is unique, so our handrails can be customised to meet the unique operational demands of your commercial space. 

Keep Your Workers Safe With Unistor

Double the floor space in your warehouse

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mezzanine handrails are safety barriers installed on commercial mezzanine floors and staircases. They ensure compliance with regulations, protect against falls, and enhance workspace safety, making them essential in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and offices.

The purpose of mezzanine handrails is to enhance safety in commercial spaces, preventing falls and accidents on elevated platforms and stairs. They are essential for compliance with regulations and protecting workers.

Mezzanine handrails enhance safety by preventing falls, defining pathways, and keeping items from edge spillage. Unistor's sturdy, commercial-grade handrails are compliant with Australian safety standards, safeguarding your workspace efficiently.

Unistor’s mezzanine handrails are installed after a comprehensive on-site assessment to determine exact requirements. Our skilled team then secure the handrails to the mezzanine structure, ensuring optimal safety and workspace functionality.

Yes, our mezzanine handrails come with a 5-year guarantee on all workmanship, reflecting our commitment to quality and reliability in commercial settings. Trust Unistor for safety and compliance in your workspace.

Choosing a handrail for your mezzanine requires considering safety regulations, commercial needs, and specific workspace requirements. Consult our team to find tailored, compliant solutions that boost your commercial space's safety and functionality.