Mezzanine Staircases

Mezzanine Staircases

Take the functionality of your warehouse to new heights with Unistor Group - Australia’s leading manufacturer and supplier of high-grade, steel mezzanine staircases.

Manufacturers Of Purpose-Built Mezzanine Staircases

We're here to redefine your operations and improve employee efficiency by optimising your existing space. By offering end-to-end services, from initial consultation, custom design, project management, and final installation - you’re dealing directly with the manufacturer, saving you thousands in the long run.

Built with expert craftsmanship, our mezzanine stairs are an ideal blend of functionality and aesthetics - providing you with a safe, cost-effective solution.

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Safeguard your team and improve accessibility with our mezzanine staircases, a critical feature for any workspace with elevated platforms.

Certified for loading and compliant with Work Health & Safety standards for over 30 years, we back our mezzanine staircases with a 5-year guarantee on all workmanship. 

With Unistor, you can explore an array of solutions and mezzanine accessories for your existing space, including customisable staircase designs, handrails, fire stairs, different types of mezzanine floor grating, safety rails, mezzanine safety gates, and more - all tailored to meet your specific needs.

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About Mezzanine Stairs

Mezzanine stairs are the linchpins of your mezzanine floor, providing essential vertical access and enabling optimal use of your existing structure. Our 100% Australian-made, industrial staircases will vastly improve the flexibility and safety of your mezzanine floors without incurring high costs.

Unistor designs factor in safety, functionality, load-bearing capacity, and adherence to local and national building codes.

The steel staircase can be paired with our industrial mezzanine systems and are tailored to complement your workspace and enhance productivity, also helping to negate risks in the workplace and prevent accidents and injuries.

About Mezzanine Stairs

Types Of Mezzanine Stairs

Unistor Group offers a wide range of mezzanine staircases, designed to cater to a variety of commercial needs. From industrial steel staircases perfectly suited for factories and warehouses to safety-compliant fire staircases in tighter office spaces, we've got you covered.

We prioritise your safety with durable plain steel handrails, safety rails, and slip-proof flooring treatments, ensuring  our staircases are as safe as they are functional.

The Unistor range of mezzanine stairs complement our mezzanine floors, meeting the operational and aesthetic requirements of your space.

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Types Of Mezzanine Stairs

Design Options For Mezzanine Staircase

Unistor offers a wide range of design options, allowing you to customise your mezzanine stairs according to your exact requirements.

From contemporary designs for more aesthetic spaces to custom handrail designs for a sleek, modern look, we have an extensive range of quality mezzanine staircase products to choose from. 

At Unistor, our designs combine practicality with elegance, producing mezzanine staircases that not only provide efficient access but also enhance workspace flow. 

Design Options For Mezzanine Staircase

Choosing The Right Mezzanine Staircase

Choosing the right mezzanine staircase requires understanding your unique needs and the layout of your existing space.

Whether you want to enhance the storage capabilities of a large warehouse, or optimise tighter commercial spaces, our team is here to guide you through this journey. Unistor offer functional and custom-designed options that can be tailored to meet your needs - all while ensuring safety in your workplace.

Get started on your mezzanine with high-quality steel mezzanine stairs from Australia's largest mezzanine floor manufacturer.

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Choosing The Right Mezzanine Staircase

Double The Floor Space In Your Warehouse

Contact our professionals today to tailor a mezzanine floor solution to meet your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all industrial mezzanine floors require an egress staircase for safe and efficient access, however the specific staircase hinges on the mezzanine floor’s intended use.

 At Unistor, we guarantee that all of our mezzanine staircases and handrails are Work Health & Safety compliant, functional, and durable.

If you are looking for a high quality elevated access solution for your existing or new mezzanine floor, talk to our team today to arrange a consultation to discuss your requirements.

The installation process of a mezzanine staircase involves a comprehensive assessment of your existing space, designing the staircase in line with safety standards and your unique requirements, and then expertly installing it.

Our experienced installation experts will ensure the staircase fits seamlessly within the existing structure.

Trust Unistor to have a smooth and hassle-free mezzanine building experience and ensure staircase and handrail regulations meet the Australian Standards under AS1657 and AS1428

The width of mezzanine stairs can vary based on design requirements and building codes.

In Australia, mezzanine floors larger than 200 metres squared must adhere to certain standards. Specifically, mezzanine staircases must be at least 1 metre wide internally, from one handrail to another. 

This regulation, along with requirements for continuous balustrading and tactile indicators, ensures safe and accessible usage of the mezzanine stairs. Consult our experienced team for guidance around building regulations and exact measurements. 

Stairs that access mezzanines that are less than 200 m2 can be less than 1 metre wide in certain applications.

Mezzanine stairs adhere to specific standards for safety. A stair flight should comprise no more than 18 risers, each with a maximum tread height of 190mm. Additionally, balustrades should maintain a height of 1 metre, ensuring a gap of 460mm between top and middle rails. Ensuring these measurements optimises mezzanine stair safety and usability.

Observing these guidelines enhances stair safety and functionality. For customised mezzanine stair solutions that meet your requirements, consult our Unistor specialists.

Our durable steel mezzanine staircases, designed for pairing with our mezzanine floor products, can bear significant weight of up to 2.5 kpa (250kg/m2), ensuring a reliable solution for your warehouse needs. These robust, reusable stairs add scalability to your business, providing an efficient workspace enhancement.

Exact weight limits depend on the specific design, but rest assured, our structures are built to meet stringent safety standards.

Yes, with Unistor, you can easily enhance your existing mezzanine floors with our steel staircases. They are designed to integrate seamlessly, offering superior scalability to match your business growth. Plus, their reusability ensures maximum efficiency.

Elevate your warehouse organisation and safety with our high grade, adaptable mezzanine staircases.