Mezzanine Grating

Mezzanine Grating

Get the most out of your mezzanine with Unistor's top-of-the-line mezzanine grating solutions. Our product suite is designed to realise the full potential of your commercial space, catering to the unique requirements of your industrial warehouse.

Choosing The Right Mezzanine Flooring

Unistor’s mezzanine grating is a flooring type used in our mezzanine structures that plays a crucial role in design, safety and functionality.

Perfect for industrial mezzanine applications, our bar grate mezzanines can provide a safe walking surface and additional storage, making them a popular choice for warehouses, distribution centres and manufacturing facilities. 

Benefits Of Mezzanine Grating

Mezzanine grating leverages unused space, turning it into a productive asset without compromising on worker safety or structural integrity. Here are just some of the reasons why our mezzanine grating stands out:

Custom Mezzanine Flooring Options

That's why we offer a range of customisable mezzanine flooring options, including mezzanine grating, tailored to fit your specific custom mezzanine workspace requirements. We're committed to enhancing your operational efficiency and productivity by delivering tailored solutions that accommodate your unique needs. 

Get started with Australia's largest mezzanine floor manufacturer. Contact our helpful team to learn more about our mezzanine grating floors and other custom mezzanine flooring options to maximise your space. 

Custom Mezzanine Flooring Options

Double The Floor Space In Your Warehouse

Contact our professionals today to tailor a mezzanine floor solution to meet your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mezzanine grating is a sturdy, versatile flooring solution for mezzanines, designed to enhance visibility, ventilation, and safety, while providing efficient drainage and load-bearing capabilities in commercial spaces.

Mezzanine floors are typically constructed from steel, aluminium, or fibreglass, offering strength, durability, and versatility. The chosen material depends on the specific needs of your workspace and load requirements.

Floor grating is used to provide sturdy, slip-resistant surfaces in industrial settings. Its open design allows for excellent drainage, enhanced visibility, and efficient air circulation, improving safety and operational efficiency.

For optimal mezzanine flooring, our UNILIN panels are a superior choice. Offering unrivalled strength and durability, they optimise space and enhance workplace safety, setting the benchmark for mezzanine solutions.

The optimal thickness for a mezzanine grating floor varies, but typically, a thickness of 25mm to 40mm is recommended for best balance of strength, safety, and cost-effectiveness in commercial settings.

The weight capacity of a mezzanine floor varies based on its design, with a typical range being between 350-500 kg per square metre. For specific load requirements, consult our expert Unistor team.