Custom Mezzanine

Custom Mezzanine

Take your commercial space to the next level with customised mezzanine systems by Unistor Group.

Made-To-Measure Custom Mezzanines

We specialise in converting unused vertical space into durable, practical, and productive work environments that meet your exact requirements.

Our bespoke mezzanine flooring solutions are designed to maximise floor space in a warehouse or commercial space - perfect for expanding storage, enhancing operational efficiency, or scaling up business operations - all while sparing you the costs of relocation. 

When To Consider A Custom Mezzanine System

Feeling the squeeze of space constraints due to your growing business? Our custom mezzanine systems provide a cost-effective storage and space solution that will stand the test of time. These high quality, free standing structures transform your unused overhead area into functional floor space, helping you to manage your evolving business demands more effectively.

Our custom mezzanines are built with high-strength decking or mesh flooring for additional light penetration, these mezzanine floor designs cater to your specific needs, allowing for easy vehicle entry underneath. Rather than opting for the costly and inconvenient option of relocating or extending your existing premises, consider our custom mezzanine floors. 

When To Consider A Custom Mezzanine System

Why Choose Unistor For Custom Mezzanine Solutions

At Unistor, we direct and supervise your project from beginning to end including consultation, project management, design, manufacturing and installation. All our solutions are 100% Australian-made, certified for loading and Work Health & Safety compliant. 

Our custom mezzanine floor solutions are designed to be compatible with your existing structural walls, ensuring an efficient use of your available vertical and floor space. Solutions can include rack-supported mezzanines, which provide additional shelving space for your storage needs. Our in-house team of qualified mezzanine experts offer a swift end-to-end full installation service, taking your building specifications into account.

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Why Choose Unistor For Custom Mezzanine Solutions

Benefits Of Installing A Custom Mezzanine

What Industries Can Benefit From A Custom Mezzanine Solution?

No matter the industry, Unistor's custom mezzanine solutions are designed to cater to unique needs. Whether you operate a busy distribution hub, industrial manufacturing unit, or retail warehouse - our custom steel mezzanine systems will help invest in your business growth, efficiency, and overall success. 

We’ve delivered multi-level mezzanine floors, large sortation platforms for automated parcel sorting and highly integrated access and support structures for companies such as Coles, Woolworths, Kmart, Ford, Caterpillar, and Linfox - speaking to our reputation as industry leaders. 

What Industries Can Benefit From A Custom Mezzanine Solution?

Designed With Your Needs In Mind

Our custom mezzanine floors are not off-the-shelf solutions - they are carefully tailored to your specific space requirements, designed to enhance your space’s functionality, aesthetic value and storage capacity.

We understand that business needs evolve, which is why our mezzanines can be disassembled and reinstalled as your requirements change, offering unmatched flexibility.

Designed With Your Needs In Mind

Double the floor space in your warehouse

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Frequently Asked Questions

Custom mezzanine floors are typically constructed from high-grade steel for its durability, strength, and longevity. At Unistor, our custom steel mezzanines are 100% Australian-made, ensuring top-quality materials that comply with all safety standards. This makes our custom mezzanine systems ideal for commercial businesses looking to maximise their storage space efficiently and safely.

Custom mezzanine floors at Unistor are designed to support a wide range of weight capacities, tailored to your specific needs. From light storage to heavy machinery, our bespoke, certified mezzanine solutions are built to handle varying load requirements, maximising your warehouse storage potential safely and effectively. Trust Unistor for robust and reliable custom mezzanine systems.

Yes, custom mezzanine floors from Unistor are both adjustable and expandable. Designed to flex with your business needs, our custom mezzanine kits can be reconfigured, disassembled, or expanded as necessary. This flexibility ensures our custom mezzanine systems continue to maximise and scale your commercial space effectively, even as your business grows and changes.

The installation timeframe for a custom mezzanine floor varies based on its size and complexity. However, most installations by Unistor, the leading provider of custom mezzanine solutions in Australia, are typically completed within 1-3 weeks. Our quick turnaround ensures minimal disruption to your business during the installation process. 

Yes, this is one of the key benefits of opting for our customised solutions. Our mezzanines are designed to smoothly integrate with and complement your existing structural walls. During the design process, our expert team will ensure your custom mezzanine solution aligns perfectly with your current layout, enhancing functionality without interrupting your operations.

Unistor's custom mezzanine floors can be equipped with a range of mezzanine accessories to enhance functionality. These include verge safety accessories, stairs, handrails, pallet gates, and lift systems. Additionally, we offer rack supported mezzanines for added shelving space. Our aim is to ensure your custom mezzanine solution meets your unique business needs with optimal efficiency and safety.

To install a custom mezzanine floor, your existing space must have a ceiling height of at least 5 metres of vertical space. This allows for adequate clearance below and above the mezzanine, maintaining comfort and safety in your workspace. Our skilled team at Unistor excels at tailoring solutions for varying ceiling heights, guaranteeing the most efficient utilisation of your vertical space.

The cost to install a custom mezzanine varies based on its size, design complexity, and additional features. At Unistor, we are renowned for providing affordable custom mezzanine solutions, ensuring every project delivers value for your investment. For a detailed, obligation-free quote tailored to your specific needs, don't hesitate to reach out to our expert team today.