Mezzanine Floors in Melbourne

Mezzanine Floors in Melbourne

Discover the next step for your business with Unistor - your new partner in crafting bespoke mezzanine floors tailored for your enterprise.

As a pioneer of the industry, Unistor delivers forward-thinking mezzanine flooring solutions marked by high-quality design, and installed through comprehensive end-to-end installation services.

Backed by over three decades of unwavering dedication to quality, we work hard to always ensure exceptional results, regardless of project size or scope.

Leading Mezzanine Floor Builders In Melbourne

Unistor focuses on creating value for you and your business, going the extra mile to create services that deliver exceptional return on investment.

Our custom-designed warehouse mezzanine floor systems are built to be flexible and scalable, helping businesses of any size expand without the burden of costly relocation.

Our tailored solutions expertly optimise existing warehouses to create additional storage areas, or improve designs to meet the dynamic needs of businesses across Melbourne. 

Leading Mezzanine Floor Builders In Melbourne

Areas We Service

With a presence in Melbourne and the surrounding regions, including Geelong, Ballarat and Frankston, Unistor is ready to help you reach the full potential of your warehouse space.

Areas We Service

Logistics Integration In Melbourne

We do more than just create more floor space for your warehouse. Unistor’s systems can help you refine your warehouse logistics, seamlessly integrating with your existing technology.

Our cutting-edge AutoStore™ Grid systems or intricate sorting structures are great examples of how we can ensure your Melbourne warehouse is operating at peak capacity.

Logistics Integration In Melbourne
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Custom Conveyors Streamline your flow of warehouse goods with Unistor's tailored mezzanine conveyor solutions. Precisely manufactured to meet your requirements, our conveyors enhance operations, boosting supply chain agility and customer satisfaction.
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Warehouse Automation Unistor's warehouse automation solutions leverage advanced technology to boost your logistics operations. Improve your operational speed, accuracy, and efficiency for tasks like order picking, sorting, fulfilment services, and dispatch operations.
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Warehouse Integration Unistor provides comprehensive warehouse integration services for supply chain management. Our mezzanine floors can be integrated with logistics processes to help maximise your warehouse automation benefits.
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AutoStore™ Grid AutoStore™ Grid is a vital part of our logistics management, optimising warehouse space utilisation in Melbourne. Its flexible design allows vertical and horizontal expansion, enhancing service capabilities and reducing real estate costs.
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Complex Project Management Unistor simplifies the daunting task of managing multiple supply chain partners. Our Melbourne-based complex project management services streamline the process, aligning stakeholders, ensuring on-time, within-budget project completion.
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Strategic Sourcing Unistor's strategic sourcing solutions in Melbourne streamline procurement processes, boosting overall supply chain efficiency. This vital service contributes to cost-effective supply chain partnerships and management.

Double The Floor Space In Your Warehouse

Contact our professionals today to tailor a mezzanine floor solution to meet your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mezzanine floors in Melbourne need to adhere strictly to the Building Code of Australia and relevant Australian Standards, including AS 1170 for loadings, AS 1657 for permanent access systems and AS 4100 for steel structures. At Unistor, safety is paramount in every project we undertake.


Building regulations are essential for all mezzanine floor installations in Australia, including Melbourne. Compliance helps ensure safety and minimise possible loss of life. Unistor takes the regulatory aspects of all projects seriously, providing fully compliant solutions.

Projects In Melbourne

We’ve worked on a number of projects for Melbourne businesses spanning many industries.

From complete warehouse redesigns to precision pallet racking installations, Unistor has been the partner of choice to delivering strategic solutions that drive success.

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