Coles Ocado


Coles Ocado


Sydney & Melbourne


The client required a large-format multi-level mezzanine floor solution spanning 22,000m² across two sites, integrating seamlessly with extensive Ocado automation. The challenge was not only to design and deliver a customised mezzanine system but also to ensure its compatibility with the specialised requirements of Ocado automation.

Additionally, the flooring needed to be robust and fire-resistant, capable of withstanding the demands of powder materials handling equipment carrying loads exceeding 1200kg.


Unistor was chosen to supply, deliver, and implement the custom mezzanine floor system in Sydney and Melbourne. The complexity of the project was heightened by the COVID-19 pandemic, requiring installation under strict worksite restrictions. To address this, Unistor designed the flooring to be 100% pre-cut, eliminating the need for on-site panel cutting.

The installation process resembled a giant jigsaw puzzle, with over 500 different panel sizes meticulously fitted together. This approach not only ensured precision in execution but also facilitated efficient installation, overcoming the logistical challenges posed by the pandemic restrictions. The use of a 38mm thick fire-resistant Uniln flooring, topped with a 4mm studded rubber layer, provided a durable and non-slip solution capable of meeting the client's demanding operational requirements.

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