Modular Mezzanine

Modular Mezzanine

Discover the full potential of your commercial space with the adaptable, cost-effective, and innovative modular mezzanine solutions from Unistor Group - Australia’s premier manufacturer and supplier of mezzanine systems.

Top-Quality Modular Mezzanine

With over thirty years of expertise, our modular mezzanines set the gold standard in performance, functionality, and customisation. Every business has unique requirements, and our modular mezzanines can be tailored to meet them all. 

Key Features Of Our Modular Mezzanines

Designed to leverage your vertical space, our modular mezzanines are a smart solution that fits neatly into your existing floor plan. Our unique modular design ensures quick installation and adaptable layouts.

At Unistor, our pre-manufactured mezzanine construction process enables prompt delivery and setup.  But the true value lies in the modular versatility of our mezzanines - they can be customised to accommodate our range of accessories - including safety handrails, flooring, staircases, gates and more. 

Unistor gives you the freedom to shape your mezzanine, just the way you envision.

Key Features Of Our Modular Mezzanines

Applying Modular Mezzanines

Unistor’s modular mezzanines aren't confined to a single use; they are as dynamic as the industries they serve.

Whether you're looking to optimise your warehouse storage space, improve production efficiency in your manufacturing facility, or seek to create a multi-functional work environment without the high cost and permanence of construction - our modular mezzanine is the ideal solution. 

Transform your workspace with a customisable mezzanine system - book in your free on-site consultation today.

Applying Modular Mezzanines

Fast Delivery & Quick Installation

At Unistor, we pride ourselves on our commitment to speed and service.

Our modular mezzanines are pre-manufactured, meaning they are ready for swift delivery and installation, minimising disruption to your operations. Better yet, the additional space provided does not require significant changes to the existing structure of your building. 

Every system is expertly installed by our team of professionals, ensuring your mezzanine is set up safely and efficiently.

Fast Delivery & Quick Installation

Double The Floor Space In Your Warehouse

Contact our professionals today to tailor a mezzanine floor solution to meet your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

A modular mezzanine is a pre-manufactured, adaptable structure that maximises vertical space in commercial environments, providing cost-effective expansion options with quick installation and customisable features like flooring, handrails, and staircases for individual requirements.

Modular mezzanines optimise underutilised vertical space, enhancing operational efficiency in commercial settings.

With swift installation, customisable features, and cost-effectiveness, modular mezzanines offer a flexible solution for space management without the need for costly and permanent construction work.

Unleash potential and boost productivity with a Unistor modular mezzanine.

Installation times for Unistor's modular mezzanines vary based on size and complexity, but you can expect our expert team to install between 55m2-85m2 per day.

This quick turnaround will ensure minimal disruption to your commercial operations while maximising your space efficiency.

Unistor's modular mezzanines include key safety features like robust handrails, secure staircases, non-slip grating flooring, mezzanine safety gates, sturdy platforms, and fire-resistant materials, ensuring a safe, productive commercial environment.

Certified for loading and Work Health & Safety compliant, we back our industrial mezzanine floor systems with a 5-year guarantee on all workmanship.

Our modular mezzanines are expertly crafted from high-strength steel, ensuring durability, stability, and longevity.

Perfectly suited for commercial settings, these structures effortlessly handle heavy loads, delivering optimal spatial efficiency and operational performance.