Mezzanine Gates

Mezzanine Gates

Our mezzanine gates offer the best of both worlds - ensuring a safer, more productive workspace.

Improved Safety On Mezzanines

With Unistor, you don't have to choose between safety and operational efficiency.

Designed to be sturdy, reliable, and versatile; you can take confidence in the safer transfer of goods to and from our prefabricated mezzanine platforms while protecting employees from potential fall hazards.

Essential for safety in high-level workspaces like warehouses, manufacturing facilities or offices.

Unistor's Range Of Mezzanine Gates

Our team knows that no two businesses are the same. This is why we offer an extensive range of mezzanine gate options, each tailored to meet your workspace configurations and the specific needs of the respective custom mezzanine system.

Our selection includes pallet gates for efficient handling, mezzanine safety pivot gates for added protection, mezzanine swing gates for larger goods, vertical lifting gates for space-constrained environments, and more.

Available in all shapes and sizes, Unistor’s mezzanine gates are custom-fitted to your existing set-up. 

Unistor's Range Of Mezzanine Gates

Safety Benefits Of Mezzanine Gates

Unistor’s mezzanine gates are functional, easy to install, and come with a raft of safety benefits. 

Mezzanine barriers can be effectively utilised separate employees from forklift loading operations and protect against accidental falls from the loading bay edges. Mezzanine gates safeguard while loading and unloading pallets, an essential feature when working at elevated heights. 

The inclusion of purpose-built mezzanine gates in your workspace can mitigate potential workplace incidents, making them a worthwhile investment for any business aiming for a zero-incident work environment.

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Safety Benefits Of Mezzanine Gates

Elevate Workplace Safety With Unistor

Unistor offers more than just mezzanine gates - we provide peace of mind. Our mezzanine gates, engineered with top-quality and robust materials, ensure reliable operation and longevity.

We also provide full mezzanine customisation services to suit your unique specifications, so your gates integrate seamlessly into your existing mezzanine system. 

Elevate Workplace Safety With Unistor

Double The Floor Space In Your Warehouse

Contact our professionals today to tailor a mezzanine floor solution to meet your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mezzanine gates, key in any multi-level warehouse or mezzanine structure, are safety barriers designed for efficient goods transfer and employee protection. Unistor's custom-fitted mezzanine gates offer ideal solutions, increasing both safety and operational efficiency.

A pallet gate operates by creating a secure barrier. As goods are loaded onto the mezzanine, the gate rotates or lifts, ensuring employee protection. Unistor's pallet gates offer efficient handling with unmatched safety. 

Unistor’s mezzanine gates offer key safety features such as sturdy barriers against accidental falls and forklift mishaps, secure pallet handling, and safe passage for larger goods, making them an essential, accident-prevention investment for businesses.

Choosing the right mezzanine gate involves assessing your space, operational needs, and safety requirements. Consult Unistor's expert team for tailor-made solutions designed to optimise safety and efficiency in your unique workspace.

To install a mezzanine gate, expert assistance is key. At Unistor, our proficient team provides comprehensive installation support, ensuring your mezzanine gate is added for optimal safety and efficiency in your workspace.

Yes, Unistor's mezzanine gates come with a 5-year workmanship guarantee, are certified for loading and are Work Health and Safety compliant. Speak to our team today to ensure a secure, efficient workspace.