Perfection Food Group


Perfection Food Group


9 Hale St, Botany NSW 2019


The client required a storage mezzanine floor spanning 470m² to be equipped with packaging and processing equipment. The challenge was to construct the mezzanine using food-safe materials that could withstand regular wash downs. The client specifically needed a poly-based flooring system with superior antimicrobial properties, certified for use in food production facilities.


Unistor successfully addressed the client's requirements by designing and constructing a mezzanine system that not only met the specified criteria but also allowed for installation during ongoing food packing production at the facility. Additionally, the project involved site works at a remote location in South Australia, necessitating flexibility in scheduling.

Unistor collaborated closely with the Perfection Fresh production planning team to coordinate works outside of normal hours, ensuring minimal disruption to the facility's regular operations. This adaptive approach facilitated the seamless integration of the mezzanine system into the client's food production processes.

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