Office and Commercial Mezzanines

Office and Commercial Mezzanines

Do you need extra space in your office but do not want to carry out a structural reform? A mezzanine could be the solution. Thanks to the wide variety of measurements, types of floors, and construction systems, mezzanines are adaptable to different clients’ needs.

For many people, a mezzanine is still not an alternative when they think about changing their office or commercial space, because it is difficult to define its function and determine whether it’s suitable or not for your office. Although it is more used at an industrial level, the benefits of installing mezzanine in your office could be incredible.

Here’s why installing a mezzanine in the office is a great idea.

A Mezzanine Platform in Office

You wish to have an additional office space, a meeting room, or workshop cabins within a warehouse. Choosing a mezzanine designed in compliance with standards is the right solution!

The particularity of these mezzanines lies in the delimitation and partitioning of surfaces dedicated to these functions. It will also be necessary to ensure that the electrical network is provided for distribution to the various rooms of the mezzanine and the water and wastewater disposal system if the construction of sanitary facilities is planned. For this kind of mezzanine, hot-rolled load-bearing sections are mainly used to guarantee good floor stability.

For establishments open to the public: media library, restaurant, showroom, point of sale, etc., guardrails and stairs are offered to ERP standards. You can increase your usable area to receive more audiences in your establishment. For a tailor-made mezzanine in compliance with safety standards, opt for a trusted Mezzanine manufacturer and installer.

For your office and commercial space, your service provider may offer you a range of mezzanine solutions including different industrial office mezzanine floors, steel staircases, and balustrades.

In terms of privacy, equip your metal mezzanine with solid, semi-glazed, or glazed office partitions. For your floor space, ERP mezzanines are generally adapted so as not to interfere with your circulation aisles.

Designed to accommodate a large load capacity, you can install metal shelves and shelving on your office platform. Your trusted partner may also provide you with a range of professional office furniture for the layout of your office mezzanine: cupboards, partitions, chairs, and meeting tables for the comfort of your staff.


Benefits of Installing a Commercial Mezzanine Floor

Aesthetically, high ceilings always look good and also provide a feeling of spaciousness in spaces. However, its advantages are not only aesthetic but also practical, since they give us the opportunity to make the most of the available vertical space.

We can double the height, dividing into levels, and build mezzanines, an excellent way to add square metres to the environment.

Provides Extra Space without Making Structural Changes

Whether in your business, or factory, many times the dimensions are insufficient and it is not possible to change the entire structure or design of the construction. In these cases, a mezzanine could be the alternative.

Identify an area that is 4 to 4.60 m high. This will guarantee good lighting and ventilation. The height could be lower but it all depends on the use that you will give to that area.

The function it fulfils depends a lot on what you need for your business, for example, do you need a place for your clients to eat with more privacy? Do you need more room for your staff or storage space in your factory?

All these needs and more are possible to meet with a mezzanine.

Offers a Privileged View

If you have a factory, being at a higher altitude offers you a better view of your entire company, whether it is to review the performance of your collaborators, or to have better control of materials, an elevated office can give you the privacy you require.

Cost Savings

Thanks to the better use of space in height, the cost per square meter of a mezzanine is less than the cost of building a new warehouse.

Assembly in Record Time

The assembly is simple and fast. With dry construction and a good assembly plan, the business activity may not be interrupted during its installation.

Give an Original Touch to the Interior.

With this element, you can create the perfect environment that highlights your personality.

There are many types of design, be it industrial or eclectic (which means chosen), it can be covered with different materials such as wood, and glass, or leave the elements exposed. It all depends on the decoration and functionality of that room.

If you have a commercial space like a restaurant or a bar, having that differentiator could be the key to your success. Remember that the stairs and the railing are essential to enjoy that space safely.


Installing Mezzanine in Office Space: Points to Check Beforehand

The first thing to define if you plan to install a mezzanine floor system is to plan its location inside your building. To help you in your reflection, we invite you to reflect on the following points:

  • If the mezzanine must allow the preparation of orders in a logistics flow, it is interesting to position the mezzanine in such a way as to optimize the preparation chain as much as possible so that it is as short as possible: The parcels must be routed to shipment following a thoughtful routing plan.
  • The location chosen must not impede the movement of goods and people in the rest of the building. It must be ensured that it does not obstruct the natural light.
  • The height and floor of the building must be able to support the entire structure, the goods that will be stored there as well as the comings and goings of personnel. It is imperative to check the slab of the building and check its resistance. It will obviously be necessary to proceed on flat ground.
  • Think about the layout and location of the staircase that you will choose.
  • Also, ensure the establishment and access to the computer and electrical network.

If you’ve decided to opt for mezzanine flooring in your office, and are looking for trusted manufacturers and installers of mezzanine floors in Sydney, contact the Unistor Group, a reference name in the mezzanine flooring systems in Australia. From kit form Mezzanines that are quick and easy to install to custom solutions manufactured and installed by our assembly teams, choose the solution that suits you.

Thanks to our specialised team, you can benefit from a quick installation while minimizing the stoppage of your company’s production activity. Adjustable, robust, modular, and aesthetic, our shelving will meet your expectations and save you space, time, and money.

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