Mezzanine Staircases and Handrail Regulations

Mezzanine Staircases and Handrail Regulations

Understanding the Mezzanine Stairs and Handrail Regulations (And Why It’s Important to Comply With Them?)

Building mezzanine floors is the best way to maximise your existing space without breaking your bank. They work like permanent floors and are attached with staircases for easy access. However, you can’t just build mezzanines any way you want. There are building regulations for every component of a mezzanine floor that you must meet. Today, we will talk about the mezzanine staircase and handrail regulations and why it’s important to comply with them.

Staircase and Handrails Building Regulations for Mezzanines in Sydney

Most (if not all) people know that there are regulations for mezzanine floors that must be met. However, it’s not uncommon for people to overlook or ignore building and safety guidelines for mezzanine staircases and handrails, only to regret it later when they get in trouble with building control or have an unfortunate incident on their premises. Don’t make the same mistake. If you’re considering building a mezzanine floor, ensure you know and comply with all its regulations.

There are a total of seven basic building standards that one must comply with when building a mezzanine floor in Australia. The ones pertaining to staircases and handrails include:



This is a written standard for fixed mezzanine platforms smaller than 200 m2 and steel gangways and walkways that aren’t considered additional floor levels. This essential Mezzanine Floor Australian Standard requires every qualified mezzanine to have:

  • No more than 18 risers in one stair flight
  • No more than 190mm tread height
  • A minimum of 1m balustrade height, with a 460mm gap between the top and middle rail.



This building standard applies to mezzanine floors exceeding 200 m2 in size. Staircase and handrail regulations that these mezzanines must meet (in Australia) include:

  • Access paths, including staircases, must be at least 1 m wide internally, from one handrail to the other.
  • Continuous balustrading throughout the staircase, from the ground floor to the mezzanine.
  • Any gap on the staircase or balustrading shouldn’t be large enough to fit a 125mm sphere.
  • The staircases should have tactile indicators both at the bottom and top.

These are some basic requirements for mezzanine staircases and handrails in Sydney. The exact regulations may vary depending on the purpose you intend to use the mezzanine floor for. However, in all cases, mezzanine staircases must have at least 90mm high handrails on both sides, with safety rails in the middle at 500mm.

Australian building standards also require all warehouse mezzanine staircases to be made of steel. You may be allowed to use alternating tread stairs and spiral stairways for mezzanines under certain conditions, but the use of ship ladders is not allowed for any type of mezzanine in any condition.


Why Should You Comply with Mezzanine Staircase and Handrail Regulations?

The foremost reason you should meet mezzanine staircase and handrail regulations is that they are legally binding standards in Australia. Failure to comply with them can put you in trouble with government bodies responsible for ensuring building regulations compliance. Following these regulations may seem like a hassle, but they are, in fact, for your own good. These regulations are put in place to ensure safety and protect users from falling or tripping over.

Workplace injuries are very common, and slips, trips, and falls are the number one cause of workplace injuries and deaths in Australia. Among these incidents, falls from ladders are the most common. Employers must have a system for physical fall protection on elevated areas, such as mezzanines. Handrails do just that. These edge protection structures help prevent fall incidents from mezzanines and their staircases. They also help keep various items from accidentally falling from the edges.

Mezzanine staircase and handrail regulations ensure safe movement to and from mezzanine floors.


Hire Unistor for Mezzanines in Sydney to Ensure Regulations Compliance

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