Why Selecting the Right Mezzanine Flooring is Important for Warehouse Robots

Why Selecting the Right Mezzanine Flooring is Important for Warehouse Robots

Have you ever wondered how the more understated components of a mezzanine system— such as flooring — can significantly impact your operational efficiency? At Unistor, we know that throughput means everything in a fast-paced warehouse environment. This is especially true when it involves the latest in warehouse technology: robots. 

Selecting the right mezzanine flooring is not just a matter of aesthetics or cost; it is about ensuring your robots can move quickly and efficiently. So why is the right flooring crucial for your warehouse robots? In this blog, we aim to 'walk' you through some of the key reasons so you can make an informed decision — one that enhances both the performance, longevity, and return on investment for your automated mezzanine system. 


How Warehouse Robots Boost Operational Efficiency

Imagine a workforce that does not tire, does not take breaks, and performs with precision around the clock. That is the reality with warehouse robots. Recent research predicts an astounding increase in robotics-driven business revenue over the next decade. Equipped with AI, these robots learn and improve over time, offering unparalleled efficiency in repetitive tasks, inventory management, and material handling. You can expect:

  • 24/7 precision workforce: Warehouse robots offer non-stop performance, eliminating the need for breaks, and maintaining consistent precision round-the-clock.

  • Elevated manufacturing and distribution: Robots are pivotal in transforming these sectors, offering robustness, precision, and dependability.

  • AI-powered learning and improvement: These robots are equipped with Artificial Intelligence, enabling them to learn and enhance their efficiency over time, particularly in repetitive tasks, inventory management, and material handling.

  • Human-robot synergy: Robots take on routine tasks, allowing the human workforce to concentrate on creative and problem-solving activities. This synergy not only boosts safety but also increases overall productivity.

  • Better workplace safety: By handling potentially hazardous tasks, robots contribute to a safer working environment.


AMRs vs. AGVs: Breaking Down the Basics

First things first, let us understand the key players in the field of warehouse automation: Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) and Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs). AMRs, akin to advanced vehicles equipped with GPS, navigate using mapping software tailored to your facility's layout. They're flexible, smart, and avoid obstacles with ease. AGVs, on the other hand, follow predetermined paths using wires or magnetic strips. They are reliable workhorses, known for their consistent delivery routes within warehouses.

Consider these Flooring Features for Warehouse Robots

Regardless of whether you choose AMRs or AGVs, the common denominator for optimal performance is the flooring beneath them. An inappropriate warehouse mezzanine floor can lead to inefficiencies, technical glitches, and unwanted downtime. When integrating robots into your warehouse, here are the features we recommend you keep in mind for a floor that is as ready for action as your robots are:

  • Built tough for robot traffic: Select robust flooring that can withstand the dynamic loads of your robots, ensuring durability under constant use.

  • Friction and roughness: Robots and slips? Not a great mix. It is important to choose a flooring material that offers just the right amount of grip, so your robots can move smoothly and safely, no matter the conditions.

  • Flatness: Uneven floors can derail robot paths. Opt for solutions that maintain levelness, preventing costly interruptions.

  • Just the right level of gloss: With laser-reading robots, floor gloss can interfere with navigation. Fortunately, Unistor mezzanine flooring is designed to avoid such issues.

  • Wear-resistance: Unistor's 100% Australian manufactured steel is built to withstand millions of robot cycles, proving its longevity in high-traffic areas.

Our Flooring Recommendation for Warehouses with Robots

When deploying warehouse robots, you must not overlook the significance of laying the right foundations with the right materials. At Unistor, we offer a wide range of mezzanine flooring solutions that are crafted to enhance robot efficiency and safety, all while fitting your business needs like a glove. Here are just several options you can consider:

  • Reinforced Concrete: It offers excellent durability and load-bearing capacity, which is crucial for supporting heavy equipment and inventory. Concrete floors can be treated with sealants to improve their resistance to wear and tear from AGVs and AMRs.

  • Steel Grating: This material provides high strength and durability, along with the benefit of allowing light, air, and water to pass through, which can be advantageous for certain automated systems. It's important to ensure the grating is of a suitable gauge and design to support the specific loads and traffic patterns of the AGVs and AMRs.

  • UNILIN panelling: Among the latest in modern flooring technologies, UNILIN panelling offers superior flatness and levelness compared to traditional concrete floors. These panels require minimal maintenance and provide a consistent finish, enhancing operational efficiency.

Our floors ensure smooth operation, minimising the risk of robot malfunctions or path deviations due to flooring irregularities.

An Investment that Pays Off

Feeling floored by costly upfronts? Investing in high-quality mezzanine flooring may seem like a lot at the time, but the long-term savings are undeniable. Durable flooring reduces the need for frequent repairs or replacements, ensuring that your robots continue to operate without costly interruptions. It is always smarter to invest in quality now and save later!

Energy Efficiency: Reducing Operational Costs

Did you know that the right flooring can also contribute to energy efficiency? Think about efficiency in every aspect of your operations. Smooth surfaces reduce the amount of energy required for robots to move, leading to lower power consumption and reduced operational costs. 

Unistor: Paving the Way for Future Warehousing

Unistor’s mezzanine flooring solutions can be specifically engineered for the demands of AMRs and AGVs. As robots become increasingly integral to warehouse operations, the right flooring becomes crucial for maintaining high productivity and reducing repair costs. Choose Unistor for flooring that keeps up with the pace of your robots and the growth of your business. Ready to take your warehouse robotics to the next level? Embrace the future of warehouse operations with Unistor’s mezzanine flooring solutions, tailored for the dynamic world of warehouse robots and your unique industry requirements. 

Contact our team today to find out how we can elevate your warehouse operations with the right mezzanine flooring system. 

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