Galvanised Press-Locked Steel Grating for Mezzanine Floors, Platforms, and Walkways from Meiser

Galvanised Press-Locked Steel Grating for Mezzanine Floors, Platforms, and Walkways from Meiser

There are many Mezzanine grating options out there, which can make it difficult to make the right choice. But, by keeping some factors in mind, it is possible for you to get the best option for mezzanine grating. First off, you need to know what galvanised press-locked Steel Grating is and how does it differ from other grating options.

Steel grating is also known as metal grating or bar grating. It features an open grid assembly made from high-quality metal bars, where the bearing bars that run in one direction have been spaced using sturdy attachments to the crossbars that are running perpendicular. This can also be done by bending the connecting bars that extend between them. The idea behind these designs is for them to hold extremely heavy loads with minimal weight. The versatility of galvanised press-locked steel grating means that they can be used in heavy loading areas and for providing a platform for heavy machinery. It is also the preferred choice for use in mezzanines, stair treads, and non-combustible flooring, and mesh mezzanine flooring.

The steel grating is extremely strong and sturdy for all bearing applications. Due to its sturdiness and high durability, galvanised grating has become the gold standard when it comes to grating, mainly because its high level of stability makes them perform better in multiple applications.

Galvanised Press-locked Steel Grating

Steel grating is also available in various materials, such as aluminium, stainless steel, and galvanised steel, in which the latter is recognised as the most cost-effective and durable option for commercial use. Galvanised steel also ensures the proper stability for heavy loads and longer life as compared to the other options making galvanised steel the preferred choice for various industrial and commercial applications.

Galvanised grating, also known as galvanised steel bar grating or galvanised steel grating, refers to the steel bar grating that is designed using mild carbon steel that is prepared using a hot-dipped galvanised surface treatment. The mild carbon steel that is used in its design offers a robust and economical use and is the reason why galvanised press-locked steel grating is used for a number of commercial and industrial applications. The hot-dipped galvanised surface treatment that is used in the preparation of the galvanised press-locked steel grating offers an excellent level of corrosion resistance and durability.

Press-locked steel grating is also known as pressure-locked grating and is used in many industrial applications and in areas where a high level of durability and sturdiness is required. Press-locked steel grating is manufactured by using low carbon steel or stainless steel. Due to its high performance when it comes to durability, non-slip design and anti-corrosion, and longevity, along with being easy to install and remove, it is the preferred option for mezzanines, floors, ceilings, and platforms, amongst others. It is also used for different types of covers that are used in commercial and civil complexes and in factories.

Galvanised grating is available in multiple options when it comes to bearing bar thickness, spacing, and depth, which means you can get the exact specifications according to its weight load and application requirements. Galvanised steel grating is also available in two different types, such as serrated or smooth top for anti-slip grating. Thanks to the advancements in modern technology, it is now possible for you to get a huge variety of sizes when it comes to galvanised grating for various applications.

Galvanised Press-Locked Steel Grating is Fully Recyclable

Many people and businesses are concerned about the environment and the impact of greenhouse gases on the ecosystem. One advantage of using galvanised press-locked steel gratings is that they are fully recyclable. This is possible because the galvanised press-locked steel grating is manufactured using the latest technologies and eco-friendly materials, which ensures that all products are recyclable after use. This makes galvanised press-locked steel grating one of the best options for those who are not only looking for a sturdy and long-lasting option for steel grating for mezzanine grating, but also for those who are concerned about the environment and want to do their part to encourage the use of environmentally friendly building materials, such as, Meiser grating.

How is Galvanised Press-Locked Steel Grating Made?

When it comes to the design of galvanised press-locked steel grating, the crossbars that are made of cold-rolled flat steel are carefully pressed into bearing bars by using a previously punched-out design. The banding bars are then designed in a unique T-shape formation or flat section formation. They are then attached with the help of automatic resistance welding to ensure their sturdy design.

If it will be used in an environment where the risk of spilling is high, then the galvanised press-locked steel grating can also be designed using a special anti-skid design process for better stability and support. In this design, the bearing and crossbars are designed as notches on the upper side. In this design, the press-locked grating uses the opposite end meshes which are of equal size. What sets galvanised press-locked steel grating apart from the rest is that there are no limitations to the usage and designs that can be created with galvanised press-locked steel grating.

Press-Locked vs. Welded Steel Grating

Before you go ahead and make a choice, it is important to know the main differences between welded steel grating and press-locked steel grating for mezzanine floors, walkways, and platforms. The following are some factors that differentiate the press-locked galvanised steel grating from welded steel grating.

  • Welded Steel Grating – In this type of grating, the steel grating has been fixed with the help of a pressure resistance welding technique on each of its intersection points or the crossbar and bearing bar. The crossbar is usually utilised by square steel or twisted steel to ensure a more robust structure along with high durability and better support capabilities. Welded steel grating is commonly used for fencing, floors, and walkways.
  • Press-Locked Galvanised Grating – Unlike welded steel grating, the press-locked galvanised grating is considered to be far more superior. With the press-locked galvanised grating, the crossbars are pressure locked onto the bearing bars with the help of grooving before being welded and put through the process of hot-dipped galvanising. The steel grating is fixed through the pressure to ensure that the crossbar is set into the pre-open flat steel in each of the intersection points of the bearing bar and crossbar. The press-locked galvanised grating offers far superior build quality and better stability.


Galvanised Press-Locked Steel Grating Applications

Galvanised press-locked steel grating is a widely used component for mezzanines, decking, flooring, docks, ventilation screens, storage racks, and safe guards. The galvanised press-locked steel grating offers a high level of stability which makes them the perfect choice for use in heavy loading areas and for providing support to heavy equipment such as boiler room equipment and heavy machinery applications. There is also a stainless-steel option that has been designed for special environmental conditions. The stainless steel option is best suited for use in chemical plants, and food processing plants.

The galvanised press-locked steel grating boasts of a versatile design that is used for the support of floors as well as elevated walkways along with many other applications, which include but aren’t limited to ceilings, platform aisles, and other commercial and residential applications. Galvanised press-locked steel grating is also the preferred choice in the petrochemical industry and is commonly used in sewage treatment plants, power plants, and sanitation projects for the construction of ladders, fences, rails, floors, walkways, platforms, corridors, and bridges.


There are many features of galvanised press-locked steel grating that make it the best choice for mezzanine floors, walkways, and platforms, including a wide variety of other applications as well. The following are some of the many features and benefits that make galvanised press-locked steel grating stand out from other more traditional options;

  • Better Drainage Galvanised press-locked steel grating boasts of a leakage area drainage of 83.3%, more than twice of cast iron products.
  • Cost-Effective Compared to cast iron products, the galvanised press-locked steel grating is more cost-effective, which is why it is used in a variety of applications.
  • Hot-Dip Galvanised Treatment – Galvanised press-locked steel grating offers a rust-proof design and maintenance-free construction.
  • Durable Design  Galvanised press-locked steel grating offers superior strength, which is far superior to traditional cast iron designs.
  • Anti-Theft Design The Weld lock grating, cover, and the frame come with a hinge offering better security.
  • Aesthetic  The galvanised press-locked steel grating boasts of an aesthetic design with clean lines and an attractive silver appearance.


How to choose a Meiser mesh size?

The common mesh size for galvanised press-locked steel grating is around 33 mm × 33 mm and 34 mm × 38 mm. According to your requirements, the following are some factors to consider when choosing a Meiser mesh size.

  • Application – The Larger mesh allows more light to pass through while the smaller mesh, on the other hand, is useful for preventing objects from falling off.
  • Shape and Size – The shape and size of the Meiser mesh is another factor to consider and is determined by the optical perception of the grating.
  • Load Capacity– Smaller mesh sizes offer more load capacity of the grating.


Ending Note

The press-locked grating is one of the most used types of grating in many countries, mainly because of its sturdiness and robust design. Thanks to using the latest production methods that differ significantly from traditional methods for the press welded grating, it allows for a greater variety of products and designs. Another added advantage is that this particular type of grating also offers an unlimited number of applications in the industrial, manufacturing, and retail space. This is mainly because the design of galvanised press-locked steel grating boasts of a design that allows for more versatility when it comes to the mesh size and the height and thickness of the bearing bars that are to be used.

Another feature that sets galvanised press-locked steel grating apart from the rest is that it can be used in combination with the variety of other materials from which press-locked grating can be manufactured. Unistor produces grating that is exactly in line with the customer‘s wishes and requirements. Galvanised press-locked steel grating is, by far, a far better, more attractive, and customisable grating as compared to press welded options.

To find the complete range of high quality and storage solutions – mezzanine floors, walk-overs, mezzanine offices, and galvanised press-locked steel grating for mezzanine floors, platforms, and walkways, etc., along with all custom designs, visit Unistor today. We serve private and commercial clients in areas such as NSW, Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane, Melbourne, and their surrounding areas.

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