Design the Perfect Mezzanine Space for Your Needs

Design the Perfect Mezzanine Space for Your Needs

Mezzanine Stairs, Conveyor & Storage Solutions

A mezzanine floor installation requires thinking through the space utilisation you will gain from it beforehand. This allows you to make the most of the mezzanine floor and turn it into a useful and efficient space that enhances the overall layout.

Planning in advance how the mezzanine floor will be used also allows you to use it to improve the overall environment and productivity of the space.

Below, we have compiled some solutions for mezzanine stairs, conveyors, and storage that can help you plan a useful and practical mezzanine floor. Let’s take a look at them:

Mezzanine Stairs Solutions

Decide on a Purpose for Mezzanine Floor

Before you choose mezzanine stairs, think about the purpose of the mezzanine floor. This will allow you to choose the stairs most practical for that specific purpose. For example, mezzanine floors in homes are mostly used as a bedroom, home office, or secondary lounge space. The use of mezzanine stairs depends on this purpose.

Secondary lounge spaces and bedrooms are less likely to be used more than two to four times a day, allowing you to consider portable or moveable stairs. But home office stairs might be used several times a day if you only work from home. Thus forcing you to prioritise the practicality of the mezzanine stairs.

The same technique can be applied to office mezzanine floors. If the mezzanine floors are desk spaces for managers, they will receive a low footfall. On the other hand, mezzanine floors, as storage floors in industrial spaces, receive a high footfall. The stairs in the latter scenario must also be safer and more stable to ensure worker safety.

Ensure Safety over Aesthetics

The hand railing you choose for the mezzanine stairs will also depend on the floor’s use. You can choose an aesthetically pleasing railing if you don’t have children at home. In the presence of children, you will require a sturdy and safe railing that supports children when they learn to go up and down the stairs.

Offices must always prioritise safety over design since workers of different ages and health conditions have different needs. All features in an office design must comply with OSHA guidelines.

Mezzanine Conveyors

Benefits of Mezzanine Conveyors

Mezzanine conveyors are installed to make carrying stuff up and down the mezzanine easier. Mezzanine conveyors in industrial and storage spaces are a practical solution that makes utilisation of the mezzanine floor safer and more effective.

Conveyors utilise only a fraction of the power used by elevators. They are also more practical than elevators since they take up less space and can be customised according to the weight and size of objects that need to be moved to and from the mezzanine floor. Conveyors also reduce the energy required by workers and make their tasks easier. The conservation of worker energy allows fewer workers to complete more work with the help of a conveyor. In fact, even a single worker can move lighter objects efficiently.

Conveyor belts are used all over the world to move stuff. Their durability and safety make them reliable and an ideal solution for industrial spaces with mezzanine floors.

Requirements of Mezzanine Conveyors

Though mezzanine conveyors only come with advantages, they can require strict safety guideline enforcement at warehouses. While conveyors are easy and safe to use, for the most part, they might be dangerous to use in loose and flowy clothes or the absence of complete focus.

Though modern conveyors have advanced safety features such as one-push start and stop buttons at both ends, you must ensure vigilance and safety every time a worker uses the conveyor.

Workers must also be provided adequate breaks to ensure their focus and attention at work. Prevent workers from working long hours or in extreme temperatures to ensure further safety.


Mezzanine Storage Solutions

The type of mezzanine storage solutions you can utilise can depend on the mezzanine floor layout and the layout of the ground-level floor. The most common mezzanine storage solutions include:

Two-Tier Storage

Two-tier or catwalk storage is designed to utilise all the available headspace for storage. It creates shelves that are easily accessible from the mezzanine floor, starting on the ground floor. A walkway is designed as the mezzanine floor, allowing the workers to move comfortably between the shelves and access the stored units.

Freestanding Storage

Freestanding storage can only be added at free standing mezzanine structures. With the mezzanine floor bolted to the ground floor with the help of posts, the mezzanine floor becomes sturdy and usable for any storage solution.

Integrated Storage

Integrated storage is built as a part of the building structure. It is usually made of concrete and can support heavy loads. It is one of the most practical mezzanine storage solutions. However, as it is a permanent feature of the building, it restricts possibilities for renovation or a change of storage layout.

Full Matt Storage

Full mat is a combination of freestanding and two-tier storage methods. It creates an open space but installs storage solutions in continuation of storage shelves below. This storage solution is safer in comparison to the two-tier storage solution.

Structural Storage

Structural storage is built similarly to integrated storage. However, it is not made of concrete and can be added or removed easily. This storage solution utilises lightweight wood pallets. Hence, it is only suitable for the storage of lightweight items. This solution may omit the installation of a mezzanine floor and rely on a moving leader to access the items.

Mezzanine storage solutions can also be customised depending on the home, office, or warehouse needs. However, it is essential to consult with an expert to ensure the safety and durability of custom storage.

A well-planned mezzanine floor doesn’t only provide additional space; it can also make life or operations more effective at home or the workplace. With the knowledge of the possibilities of mezzanine stairs, conveyors, and storage solutions, you can now plan and design a practical space wherever you need it.

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