A Quick Guide to Mezzanine Maintenance

A Quick Guide to Mezzanine Maintenance

The mezzanine installation process involves a lot of decision-making. From considering the size and type to choosing the right materials to ensure safety, there are quite a few choices to make. While all of this is important, it often takes the focus away from post-installation maintenance. If you want the mezzanine floor and your investment to last for a long time, pay heed to its maintenance. We have put together this quick mezzanine maintenance guide to help make the task easier.

Mezzanine Maintenance Tips

Here are our top tips to keep your mezzanine in good condition:

●        Keep the Floor Clean

Sweep the floor with a broom daily or every few days to eliminate dirt and dust. But don’t just rely on it, your mezzanine floor needs occasional thorough cleaning too. Use a gentle cleanser to remove more stubborn dirt and grime. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials on mezzanines as they can damage the floor’s protective coating, putting it at risk of rust and making it more vulnerable to fire. They can also pose health risks to workers. Also, refrain from using too much water. A damp mop is your best tool for mezzanine floor cleaning. Excessive water use can damage the floor and potentially pose the risk of leaking and damaging the items below.

Do not let water or any other fluid stay on the flooring for too long. Not only can it pose a fall hazard, but it can also drip onto the items placed below. Leaving the mezzanine flooring wet frequently can also lead to rusting, affecting the floor’s strength and structural integrity.

●        Make Sure the Protective Coating Remains Intact At All Times

A protective coating helps keep your mezzanine in pristine condition by helping to prevent rust. Fire-protective coatings can prevent mezzanines from collapsing in the event of a fire, giving workers enough time to vacate the floor and building. While almost every business that opts for mezzanine installation considers getting these protective coatings applied, few consider their maintenance. Everyday use and movement of heavy equipment can damage these protective coatings, making the mezzanine floor more prone to rust and fire damage.

Maintaining these mezzanine protective coatings requires training staff to properly use heavy, sharp items on the mezzanine and promptly repair any damages.

●        Inspect Regularly

Inspect all the structural components of your mezzanine floor for damage, especially if you are operating forklifts on it. Look for damaged spots, loosening or worn-down fastenings, and spills. Do not ignore any issues you may find or disregard them as too small or unimportant. Sometimes what seems like a small bump on a column can do structural damage to the mezzanine. So, do not ignore and address any issues you may notice immediately. This is not only the best way to prevent any major damages and keep the repair and maintenance cost to a bare minimum, but it is also vital to avoid any major accidents in your business facility.

The Sum Up

Proper and regular maintenance can help extend the life of your mezzanine floor, ensuring it stays functional for a long time. Clean the surfaces regularly, inspect for damages, and fix them immediately to keep your maintenance cost minimal and avoid any major damages or accidents.

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