The Best Locations for a Commercial Property in Sydney

The Best Locations for a Commercial Property in Sydney

The location of commercial properties can make a definite impact on the business as well as the growth they experience over there. This is a major reason why big businesses like Apple, Google, Microsoft and more pay so much attention to the locality of their head offices.

Even if you aren’t functioning on such a huge scale, it is a good idea to get commercial property that is favourable for your business. One of the best places for commercial property in Australia happens to be Sydney. In a recent report, Sydney and Melbourne are geared to be the best performing markets in terms of commercial properties. Investors and owners can expect to get the most profits out of these locations over the next five years.

If you’re considering picking commercial property for Sydney, you will have to focus on the location as well because there are various areas within it that are more suited for commercial property. The following are the best locations for commercial property in Sydney, New South Wales, listed in no particular order:



Counted among one of the best spots in Sydney, New South Wales, Woolloomooloo is situated at an easy distance from the Sydney Central Business District – SCBD. Its ideal location also allows it to enjoy easy access from transportation and infrastructural facilities. The suburb is the preferred spot for various entrepreneurs since it allows them to overcome various business hurdles very easily. Overall, it is a favoured location of many large and small business owners and is the best, albeit a bit expensive place for business beginners.


Surrey Hills

A location that is experiencing quick growth, Surrey Hills offers commercial properties for various business endeavours at some of the best market prices. This has allowed for its commercial market to have cafes, restaurants, retail shops and more. The diversity is further boosted by the close proximity to the SCBD and the government area. Moreover, Surrey Hills is surrounded by various other localities such as Moore Park, Haymarket, Paddington and Darlinghurst, which are also considered to be great locations for commercial properties in Sydney.



A suburb in the inner-city area of Sydney, Alexandria is also close to the SCBD and has various commercial property options. It also have various amenities such as hospitals, well-developed roads, shopping malls, restaurants and more which make it a favourite for commercial purposes. Moreover, it allows various businesses owners to capitalize on these high-end amenities to boost the productivity of their business and get better results. The affordability and the high return on investment this area can offer to business owners make Alexandria a favoured location for various businesses.



Counted among one of the main locations for commercial property in Sydney, Marrickville attracts business owners from large and small enterprises. It has a lot of variety in terms of commercial property and can easily provide spacious and different commercial options for businesses. The area is also extremely affordable, allowing plenty of opportunity for business owners to buy prominent commercial property that delivers amazing results for their business. The strong returns that Marrickville has to offer make it a favourite for businesses that are looking to expand into more profitable markets.


Due to the quality commercial spaces it has to offer, Stanmore is among the hottest locations for commercial property in Sydney. Situated on the Inner West area of Sydney, it is also near the SCBD and provides easy access to public transport as well as various developments that improve the infrastructure of the area. The high end amenities in the locality, coupled with the innovative designs of the commercial property as well as the easy access the area provides to consumers makes Stanmore among the top choices for businesses that are looking for commercial property in Sydney.



With various reputable businesses already established in it, Ultimo is known to offer excellent commercial property in Sydney with high returns and even better profits. The area is also situated near the SCBD, which allows various businesses to overcome barriers to starting their business there with ease. Moreover, Ultimo has a variety of different commercial properties available such as corporate houses, retail shops, coffee shops, warehouses, office spaces and more which are spread out across Harris Street, Wattle Street and Broadway. Currently, Harris Street is a favourite with offices of various reputable businesses in it.


Considered to be responsible for boosting the entire retail trade in Sydney, Newtown offers quality commercial property with great opportunities for large and small businesses to capitalize on. The area is situated near the SCBD and has spacious and high quality commercial properties available for buying, renting, leasing and more. The retail attraction is responsible for driving a lot of retailers, fashion designers, interior designer as well as entrepreneurs to this area. Affordability and variety in options all help to make Newtown a favourite for many businesses.



A location where you can have fun and work as well, Glebe offers commercial property which is in close proximity to the SCBD, the Broadway shopping mall as well as other entertainment hubs. The locality also offers various commercial properties including restaurants, cafes, hotels, shopping malls and more. When it comes to buying commercial property in Sydney, Glebe is definitely among the top choices of various business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking to expand their business or give it a strong base to start on.



An inner city suburb, Pyrmont is the location of choice for commercial property in Sydney when you want to experience better organizational growth. In fact, the area offers commercial properties and business opportunities for a number of different industries such as the automobile industry, the healthcare industry, entertainment and industrial and many more. The variety it has to offer in terms of commercial property is one of the major reasons that this area is often picked by businesses. With a favourable market, Pyrmont is considered among the primary choices for a business that is looking for commercial property in Sydney.

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