The Benefits of Mezzanine Floors for Ecommerce Warehouses

The Benefits of Mezzanine Floors for Ecommerce Warehouses

How Ecommerce Warehouses Can Benefit From Mezzanines

Warehouses are essential for retail businesses. They always have been. But their significance has increased multi-fold in the past decade or so with the rise of the ecommerce industry. The absence of brick-and-mortar stores makes warehouses all the more important for ecommerce businesses and their need increased multi-fold within the past couple of years when the pandemic caused an exponential rise in ecommerce orders. Businesses needed more inventory to ensure the smooth running of their operations, which required more storage space. Unsurprisingly, the surge in demand for storage space also increased the prices of warehouses, putting businesses under immense pressure.

Are you an ecommerce business struggling to maintain inventory due to limited storage space? Mezzanines can help!

How Can Mezzanines Help Ecommerce Businesses?

The ever-rising demand for warehousing space and the surge in their prices, as a result, has put ecommerce businesses in a tight spot. But mezzanine floors can offer the way out. Here are some of the ways ecommerce businesses can benefit from mezzanines in their warehouses:

1.     They Help Maximize the Existing Space

Unexpected disruptions and delays in the supply chain were one of the things businesses struggled the most with during the pandemic. While some could pull through, many businesses experienced huge losses due to disrupted operations. Since you can’t predict what the future holds, businesses are now maintaining large inventories to ensure they can handle supply chain hurdles without any impact on their business. As ecommerce companies have all their stocks in warehouses, they require additional space to accommodate large inventories. Mezzanine floors eliminate the need for ecommerce businesses to search for bigger warehouses to accommodate their growing inventories. They help maximize the existing space and how!

Mezzanine floors in Sydney are available in all sorts of sizes and styles, single and multi-tiered, and can help businesses increase their storage area without expanding their premises by utilising the wasted vertical space. A mezzanine floor instantly doubles up the floor/storage space in an ecommerce warehouse.


2.     Mezzanines Help Save Time and Money

Imagine the amount of time you would be spending to find a bigger warehouse for your growing inventory (it’s not easy these days; the demand is too high) and the increase in rent it would cause. The cost of relocating and the disruption in business operations it would cause are a different story altogether. Mezzanines can save you time and money by eliminating the need to relocate.

Mezzanines are also constructed off-site, and at Unistor we also ensure fast on-site installation for mezzanine floors in Sydney to ensure minimal on-site disruption. There isn’t a need to shut down or pause business operations to have mezzanine floors installed in warehouses.

3.     Mezzanine Floors Can Help Ecommerce Businesses Have In-City Warehouses

The ecommerce industry is not only growing, but it’s also rapidly evolving. And ‘quick commerce’ is the next step in its evolution. The location of a company’s warehouse can make all the difference in its performance in the quick commerce industry. Warehouses within the city will enable ecommerce businesses to provide faster deliveries.

But warehouses in the city do not come cheap and they’re increasing in demand due to the rise of quick commerce, which is raising the cost even further.

Mezzanine floors can help ecommerce companies maintain city warehouses by allowing them to rent smaller spaces with lower rents and building storage in them via mezzanines.

Even businesses that aren’t a part of the quick commerce industry can benefit greatly from city warehouses by minimizing their transportation costs and staying ahead of the competition by offering comparatively faster deliveries. So, they can benefit from mezzanine systems, too.

City warehouses are particularly highly beneficial for ecommerce businesses that deal in fresh produce. The closer a warehouse is to the customers’ locations, the better will be the quality of products upon delivery.

4.     Warehouse Mezzanines Allow Ecommerce Businesses to Grow and Expand

Ecommerce companies often start small, slowly expanding their operations and services as they gain clients and establish their name and reputation. This safe play helps reduce the risk. But as businesses grow, so do their inventories and need for more space. Mezzanines can support this growth without much increase in cost.

If your ecommerce business is doing well and you’re looking to grow and expand your operations, mezzanines can ensure you never run out of storage space by helping you build more space within the existing warehouse. Thus, allowing you to continue to operate from the same facility without struggling with space shortages.

5.     A Mezzanine Can Provide an Office Space

Warehouses are the only brick-and-mortar facilities ecommerce businesses have. While they may successfully manage operations from a warehouse when they are only getting started, ecommerce businesses also eventually need an office space as the volume of work increases. From managing orders to carrying out paperwork to having meetings with staff, vendors, and corporate clients, office space is required for several tasks that are essential for the smooth running of business operations. A mezzanine will help create that space within the warehouse, allowing business owners and managers to do their work without being away from the warehouse. This ensures they are always available on-site to deal with any crises. The office mezzanine floors can also be used for surveillance, as these raised platforms provide an overview of the entire facility.

Take Advantage of Mezzanine Floors to Improve Your Ecommerce Warehouse Functions

Mezzanines are beneficial for all business warehouses. But their significance and benefits increase multi-fold for ecommerce businesses that often solely operate from warehouses. From helping to maximize space in their only brick and mortar facility to supporting business growth, improving customer services, and saving time and money, mezzanines offer numerous benefits to ecommerce companies. If you’re also an ecommerce company, take advantage of mezzanine floors to improve your business operations.

At Unistor, we offer customised mezzanine floors in Sydney for different ecommerce businesses according to their needs. Get in touch with us to find the best mezzanine solutions for your ecommerce warehouse.

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