Mezzanine Decking Options – Choosing Between Meiser Grating or Unilin Panels

Mezzanine Decking Options – Choosing Between Meiser Grating or Unilin Panels

Meiser Grating or Unilin Panels – Evaluating the Two Popular Mezzanine Decking Options

Mezzanine floors are increasingly becoming a popular space-optimising solution in the industrial sector. And for all the right reasons. They are multi-functional, cost-effective, and help maximize the use of existing space. They increase your floor space without requiring you to expand your facility or create a new one.

Like any other structure, the mezzanines are comprised of several components. Decking is one of them. It is what transforms a column and beam structure into a functional space. Therefore, choosing the right decking material for your application needs is essential.

Mezzanine Decking Options

Considering the diverse mezzanine applications, there are a variety of mezzanine decking materials available, allowing consumers to choose one that guarantees utmost safety and the best overall utility. But we’re not going to discuss them all today. Instead, we’ll talk about the two popular mezzanine decking choices – Meiser Grating and Unilin Panels – to help you choose between them according to your needs.

Read on to learn the characteristics, functions, strengths, and uses of the two popular mezzanine decking options to make an informed decision.

Meiser Grating or Unilin Panels – Evaluating the Two Popular Mezzanine Decking Materials

Let’s talk about them one by one to help you decide which one can best serve your needs:


●        Meiser Grating

Grating is a mesh-like metallic platform known for its incredible strength, high load-bearing capacity, stability, and low dead weight. It’s used in a diverse range of applications but is the topmost mezzanine decking material choice in the industrial sector. The metal grating is used everywhere, from steel mills and mines to power stations and refineries. More recently, it has also emerged as a preferred choice for platform flooring and shelves in the logistics industry.

Meiser is a leading grating manufacturer with one of the world’s most extensive range of products.

Types of Meiser Grating

Meiser grating comes in a variety of options. But the majority of them can be grouped into three main categories. These include:

1.       Press Locked Grating

Providing the highest flexibility with regards to mesh size, the thickness of the bearing bars, as well as their height, the press-locked grating is the most commonly used type of grating in many parts of the world. The ability to adjust the mesh size and the thickness and height of bearing bars allows for its use in countless applications and customization as per the client’s needs. It can also be made with a variety of materials, making it an even more viable mezzanine decking option for businesses.

Press locked grating can further be divided into several different types based on its design and intended usage. Some of them that Meiser offers to include:

  • Heavy-duty grating
  • Full grating
  • Patent grating
  • Ultra-grating
  • Louvre grating
  • Full press locked louvre grating

2.       Press Welded Grating

A traditional option in many industries, press welded grating, as the name tells, is one where the bearing and cross bars are welded together for maximum strength and stability. It’s primarily used in mining, petrochemical, and oil and gas industries but is also a common choice in food service and waste management industries.

Apart from the standard design, Meiser press welded grating comes in three different varieties:

  • Offshore press welded grating
  • Press welded grating with smooth round bars
  • Press welded grating with perforated sheet

3.       Shelf Grating

Ideal for shelving, this mezzanine decking option is primarily known for its excellent load-bearing capacity and quick and easy installation. It’s characterized by the low height of grating and its lightweight, which makes it ideal for use as shelf inserts as well.

Shelf grating is also a low-cost mezzanine decking option and comes in several different designs. It has been used in the logistics industry for a very long time.

More Meiser Grating Options

Apart from these three main categories, Meiser also offers a few Special Grating options. These include:

  • Comb Grating
  • Finned Grating
  • Tolsun
  • Plated Grating
  • Barefoot Grating


●       Unilin Panels

If you’re looking for a cost-efficient mezzanine decking option, one that can immediately be employed or looking to make a sustainable material choice, Unilin Panels will be the best option. These are wood panels made of recovered wood that offer high load-bearing capacity, wear and tear resistance, fire protection, and ease of installation. They can also be made with anti-static, anti-slip, and abrasion resistance features as per the client’s needs. Unilin wood panels are also easily scalable.

While they can be used in various applications, Unilin panels are ideal for industries with automated functions. These are your best choice of decking material for mezzanines for AGV robots.

Unilin panels come in many options, each with a unique set of features. Mezzanine decking experts at Unistor can help you choose the right option as per your needs. Get in touch with us for a professional consultation session.



Choose the Right Mezzanine Decking Material for Maximum Functionality and Value

As mentioned in the beginning, many mezzanine decking material options are available on the market these days, owing to the ever-increasing popularity of mezzanine floor systems and their widespread applications. However, you can’t just go for any of them. It’s important to consider your usage and other application needs to choose the decking material that guarantees the best overall value. The decking material should provide maximum functionality, safety, and durability. Both Meiser grating varieties and Unilin panels offer these. This is why they are among the top choices for mezzanine decking. But it’s still important to evaluate their viability and usefulness for your business to choose between them. If you can’t seem to do that on your own, we at Unistor are here to help. Contact us for professional guidance in choosing the best mezzanine decking material for your needs.

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