Maximise Your Warehouse Space with Industrial Mezzanine Floors in Brisbane

Maximise Your Warehouse Space with Industrial Mezzanine Floors in Brisbane

Using floor space wisely is a challenge that every warehouse owner and manager need to face. On the one hand, extra warehouse floor space is expensive. Every extra square metre that you add to your warehouse will boost your annual rent price by hundreds of dollars. If you are buying, a single added square metre will add between $1,000 and $1,500 to your purchase price, depending on warehouse location and several other factors. No wonder so many warehouse owners are starting to consider mezzanine floors in Brisbane.


Why Try Mezzanine Floors?

Warehouses are big buildings. They need to be. You need enough floor space to fit all your equipment and machinery, all your shelving and everything you are trying to store. You also need to leave a certain amount of open floor space so your workers can navigate the premises—often with forklifts or other handling equipment.

What many warehouse managers fail to realise is just how much they get out of the vertical space of their warehouses. Instead, the focus is usually on using horizontal space. How much can you cram into your warehouse’s floor space without creating problems with congestion and capacity?

Airspace, meanwhile, mostly goes underutilised—if not unutilised altogether. Those areas on the floor where you have machinery or dedicated packing areas? Just because the floor space is monopolised doesn’t mean there aren’t other options. On the contrary, with a mezzanine floor, you can add an intermediate floor to your warehouse above the floor space that you already use for other things.

At the Unistor Group, we focus on selling and installing warehouse mezzanine floors in Brisbane. Mezzanine floors can effectively double your floor space, or at very least give you the flexibility that your warehouse isn’t big enough to provide. You can then use these intermediate floor areas for anything you need, from storage to extra office and workspace.

Our industrial mezzanine floors in Brisbane are heavy duty enough to meet all your needs. They are free-standing structures, which means they don’t depend on the existing structural components to stand. They are robust enough to bear the weight of your storage needs, and best of all, they can expand your floor space for less money than what you would spend to find and move into a bigger warehouse.

Trust the Unistor Group for Your Warehouse Mezzanine Floors in Brisbane

Look out at your warehouse floor. How much of your vertical space are you using? If you are wasting airspace, then a mezzanine flooring solution can expand your storage capacity at minimal cost and hassle to you.

If you are thinking about mezzanine floors in Brisbane, start by giving us a call at the Unistor Group. We can work with you to design a custom mezzanine flooring solution for your warehouse. Our industrial mezzanine floors in Brisbane are easy to set up, easy to relocate and 100% compliance with Occupational Health & Safety standards.

Simply put, there is no drawback to using mezzanine flooring to expand your warehouse. To start reaping the benefits, call 1300 372 994 today.

Double the floor space in your warehouse

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