Industrial Mezzanine

Industrial Mezzanine

Even if you haven’t ever been to a warehouse, you still have an idea of what these spaces look like. The surprising part about this ordeal is how easily we think of such spaces having a particular type of environment, including features like the ceiling, the floor, staircases, conveyor belts, etc.

But did you know that the term “mezzanine” describes one of the most apparent features of industrial space? If not, then you have come to the right place. Continue to read as we break down what an industrial mezzanine is and look at the multitude of use cases and potential benefits for your industrial space.

What Is An Industrial Mezzanine?

An industrial mezzanine or simply mezzanine is basically a mezzanine flooring system. The specialty of this feature is that it is usually elevated and placed between the ceiling and the floor, marking an additional floor that has been placed manually instead of being a part of the building’s architectural plan.

It is an overhead installation like a metal platform that is conveniently placed in industrial facilities like warehouses. It finds its uses in such places because they are expansive, and they go through so many changes over time that a permanent design plan would be intrusive and costly to change every time.

Uses Of Industrial Mezzanines

An industrial mezzanine serves a core purpose through its installation in every space, which is to increase the usable space for the facility users and its functionality. However, a mezzanine’s convenience allows the users to choose how they want to use the metal platform. Hence, here are some of the most common uses of industrial mezzanine:

1.     Designated Tasking Platforms

One of the most typical uses that industrial spaces like warehouses tend to find from the mezzanine is that of a designated tasking platform or a work platform. It basically allows the facility users an additional elevated space to conduct their designated tasks. For instance, a batch of products needs to be packed and delivered, which can easily be done on such a platform.

2.     Raised Surveillance Platform

As the name suggests, a raised surveillance platform is where facility users can observe the facility operations and processes being carried out from an elevated platform. It is like a balcony of sorts that hangs overhead and doesn’t disrupt the ongoing workings while allowing the person to conduct their surveillance and keep a watch on everyone.

3.     Conveyor Support Areas

Conveyor support areas are another great example of the variety of uses you can find from the mezzanine. For instance, they can be low-rise mezzanine platforms that run parallel to the conveyor belt and help the facility users reach the different parts of the conveyor system in case of any malfunction. On the other hand, you can simply have the conveyor system running on a mezzanine and leave the base floor for more important tasks.

4.     Maintenance Areas

These are usually the areas that you see closed, even in shopping malls, where the door says “authorized personnel only”. The main reason behind this is your safety because maintenance areas tend to have machinery and tools that the person uses for repair work and maintenance. Hence, a mezzanine platform is a great solution for factories and warehouses where such an area shouldn’t be in the open.

5.     Additional Storage Space

Naturally, more often than not, warehouses are external storage facilities. So the space ought to have a lot of vacant areas to store goods. Hence, a mezzanine platform allows them an additional storage space above the base floor. You can use it to store everything, or you can categorize your goods and store some on the platform and most on the base floor.

6.     Additional Office Space

Just because it is a factory or a warehouse doesn’t mean that it won’t require office space. In fact, most of the time, the surveillance platform is extended to have office space. So that the person using the office can easily observe the operations from up top, this area can be reserved for the higher officials and managers who oversee the facility.

7.     Internal Walkways

Mezzanine platforms make for a great walkway. It is elevated, and it is out of everyone’s way. You can easily access it and avoid the chaos on the base floor to quickly get from point A to B. It helps in increasing the safety and efficiency of the daily work of the facility. If you are sceptical of the mezzanine, try installing it as an internal walkway first.

8.     Equipment Walkways

Lastly, factories, warehouses, distribution centres etc., usually have such huge machinery and equipment that they just can’t be accessed in one go. Hence, the mezzanine serves the great purpose of allowing you access to the equipment through walkways. These walkways can be installed around the equipment so personnel can easily conduct tasks and fix disruptions.

Benefits Of Investing In An Industrial Mezzanine

Now that you know what some of the most common uses of industrial mezzanine installations are, it is understandable why people invest in them. The accumulative benefits of having mezzanine flooring make up continuous wealth for the owning company. After all, you get to dictate how and where it is installed and not go through the hassle of construction.

Moreover, integrating a steel platform within your facility’s operations allows you to streamline those processes further. Not to mention with much-enhanced efficiency and safety too. In addition to the manual labour force benefitted, even the automated processes experience minimal disturbance or accidents, creating a win-win situation for everyone.

In Conclusion

Whether you are an industrial facility owner or involved in a management or shareholding capacity, an industrial mezzanine is a good choice. In addition to the highly accessible and convenient uses of an industrial mezzanine, will benefit in the short-term and in the long run from the scalability, improved floorspace utilisation, and orderly structure that purpose-built mezzanine systems bring to an industrial operation.

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