How To Increase Storage Capacity In Your Warehouse

How To Increase Storage Capacity In Your Warehouse

Is your warehouse bursting at the seams, unable to store new products? Perhaps you’re looking at adding an office space, but don’t want to compromise on current storage capacity. Have you considered utilising the overhead space of your facility instead of costly renovations or relocation? If any of this sounds familiar, Unistor’s mezzanine systems could be the golden ticket to transforming your warehouse space. 

Mezzanines can multiply your square footage and storage area while maintaining open productive space in your warehouse. Offering a robust framework for shelving systems and simple integration with automated solutions, mezzanines are modular, customisable, and extremely versatile, and come equipped with essential safety benefits for the workplace. In this guide, we’ll explore how we can redefine your warehouse storage capacity with innovative and cost-effective mezzanine systems. Read on to find out more. 

Common Issues With Warehouse Storage

Warehouses often find themselves in a tight spot when storage space runs low. Limited space can quickly lead to clutter, making it harder to locate items and slowing down operations. This congestion can also restrict movement, causing delays in shipping and receiving goods. The risk of damages to products increases, and employees might find navigating this environment a real challenge. Optimising storage capacity isn’t just about maximising space; it’s about streamlining operations, boosting efficiency, and ensuring that every inch of the warehouse works for your bottom line, not against you.

Ways To Increase Storage Capacity

Looking to tackle your storage problems? It’s essential to find clever ways to boost your storage space without turning everything upside down. Here are some nifty solutions to help you do just that:

Build Vertically

Tapping into the full potential of vertical space is a strategic move. Consider installing a mezzanine floor that serves as an elevated platform, boosting your storage capability without disrupting the workflow below. Unistor specialises in engineering these raised areas to effectively double or even triple your storage or workspace, making the most of your unused vertical space.

Change Warehouse Layout

Time to shake things up! A fresh look at your warehouse layout can make a world of difference in maximising space utilisation. Streamline paths to ensure smoother traffic flow and better organisation. Intelligent layout designs can significantly enhance the efficiency of the storage and retrieval processes. If you need expert guidance, our team at Unistor is ready to help. 

Use Automation And Technology

Integrating automation, robotics, and advanced inventory management systems can revolutionise warehouse operations. By cutting down on those bulky aisles meant for manual work and handling, you can squeeze in more storage. Automated systems also ensure precision and speed in warehouse operations.

Install A Mezzanine System

Unistor’s mezzanine systems stand as a testament to innovation in storage solutions. These freestanding structures are like the transformers of the warehouse world: modular, reusable, customisable, and always ready to adapt to your changing needs. Plus, setting them up (and taking them down) is a breeze - offering a dynamic solution for evolving storage needs.

Benefits Of Mezzanine Systems For Increasing Warehouse Storage

New Levels And Storage

Unistor’s mezzanine floors do more than just add another layer to your warehouse. They’re a clever blend of innovation and strategic space planning. By using the often-overlooked vertical space, these systems dramatically boost storage possibilities, turning your warehouse into a model of efficiency and streamlined organisation.


Flexible by design, our mezzanine systems are crafted to move with your business’s ebb and flow. Their modular design allows for effortless adjustments or expansions, ensuring they’re not just a quick fix but a lasting investment that grows alongside your business.

Easy to Expand

Expansion becomes a hassle-free affair with Unistor’s mezzanine systems. The modular nature allows for seamless expansions, letting you add tiers to utilise the full working height of your warehouse without the headache of undertaking a massive overhaul.


Choosing a mezzanine system is not only a space-saving strategy but also a cost-efficient solution compared to relocating or constructing a new facility. 100% Australian-made from top quality materials, Unistor offers budget-friendly solutions that will stand the test of time - saving you the hassle and expenditure of moving premises or building additional space.

No Disruption Installation

With over thirty years of industry experience in delivering large-scale projects, our team of professionals will ensure that the installation of your new mezzanine floor is smooth and non-disruptive. A quick turnaround means minimal downtime so that your operations remain business as usual during the installation process. 

Safety Benefits

Unistor’s mezzanines don’t just boost storage; they prioritise your workplace health and safety. By elevating equipment and inventory off the warehouse floor, they minimise accident and manual handling risks, creating a safer workspace. Plus, they come packed with safety features that will help you comply with industry standards, including fire regulations and Australian building codes, keeping your assets and team well-protected.

Elevate Your Storage Solutions with Unistor

We recognise that modern warehousing is a rapidly changing environment, so staying ahead of the curve requires flexibility and forward-thinking. Feeling the squeeze of limited storage or tangled logistics? It might be time to consider scaling up with Unistor’s trusted mezzanine solutions. As Australia’s leading manufacturer and supplier of mezzanine solutions, we’re ready to reshape your warehouse into a model of efficiency and streamlined organisation. Our game-changing mezzanine systems let you expand your storage possibilities, all without needing to stretch your existing facilities. 

Interested in diving deeper into Unistor’s advanced storage solutions? We encourage you to visit our website or chat with our team of experts. Discover how our mezzanines can be customized to fit your unique business requirements, driving growth and promising a return on investment. Unistor offers end-to-end project services from consultation, design, manufacturing to installation, ensuring you deal directly with the manufacturer - a point of difference that can save you thousands in the long run. So, what are you waiting for? Explore Unistor’s offerings today, and let us guide you to storage solutions that go beyond the ordinary.

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