50 Owen St, Glendenning NSW 2761


Faced with the need for a 460m² large-span mezzanine floor, the client required screw pile footings extending over 7 metres to absorb substantial column loads. Integration into the existing building structure, pallet racking, and accommodating cold-room door openings added complexity. Ensuring the safe circulation of forklifts and volunteer charity workers below the structure mandated the adoption of large spans and the implementation of specially rated impact protectors for the columns.


Unistor's engagement stemmed from its comprehensive in-house design, engineering, and project management capabilities. The intricacies of integrating the mezzanine into existing structures and accommodating specific requirements necessitated a solution-oriented approach.

With the project slated for a four-week Christmas shutdown, Unistor efficiently executed the installation, meeting tight deadlines. To enhance safety, a custom stainless steel handrail system and a 2-meter-high safety fence were meticulously installed around the perimeter, ensuring a secure environment beneath the mezzanine structure.

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