Australia’s largest food relief organisation, Foodbank, required an additional 450m2 of floorspace in the form of a mezzanine floor, to create a new packing line in their warehouse at Glendening, NSW. This was predominantly to sort and package bulk food items for those disadvantaged and experiencing financial hardship. After a putting this out to tender, Foodbank very quickly realised that Unistor had offerings that standard builders and other mezzanine companies could not bring to the table. This included pre-finished laminated flooring (38mm thick) which could create a smooth moisture resistant finish that would make cleaning easy. Unistor also had a “smarter beam layout which was more economical and proposed to use screw piles for footings rather than conventional friction or end bearing piers, this would mean minimal mess and digging in the warehouse which was essential due to it being a semi-operational food packaging facility.

Unistor was awarded the project including and installed a 462m2 mezzanine floor with a load capacity of 780 kg / m2, this meant the entire floor created an area where another 360,000 kgs of product could be stored and processed. The installation was completed out of working hours to reduce interruption to daily operations at Foodbank and the mezzanine was practically completed in less than 4 weeks.