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Adding a raised platform area like a Modular or Custom Mezzanine Floor in your warehouse or workplace can be a safety concern. However, Unistor Group’s design consultants can tailor a solution for your building and mezzanine specifications. We can help you select from a range of Mezzanine Accessories that improve the accessibility of your workplace and that can act as both safety features as well as functional additions that offer protection for your employees against accidental injuries or workplace accidents. Our Mezzanine Accessories are reusable, durable and high quality elevated access options manufactured to specifications suitable for your needs. Mezzanine Accessories such as industrial handrails and steel staircases can be installed to new or existing Mezzanine Floors and in environments such as warehouses, processing facilities, wineries or production facilities. If you are advertising your industrial unit, investing in modifications such as Mezzanine Accessories can boost the unit’s attractiveness to buyers and renters. We have a team of qualified and highly skilled builders that can complete the installation in no time at all.

Elevate the functionality of your building with Mezzanine Accessories that have been developed to ensure Occupational Health and Safety compliance. Here at Unistor Group, we have over three decades of experience in manufacturing and providing bespoke Mezzanine Floors and compatible Mezzanine Accessories for industrial businesses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and beyond. As the leading supplier of Mezzanine Accessories and compatible Mezzanine Floor products for Sydney and Melbourne warehouses and beyond, we provide a 5 year guarantee on all workmanship for assurance on the quality and durability of all of our products. If you are looking for high quality and innovative amenities for your existing or new Mezzanine Floor products, contact our professionals at Unistor Group today to arrange a consultation to discuss your requirements for customising your work environment.

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