For fire safety, UNILIN PANELS can be upgraded with fire-retardant solutions to help extend evacuation time by reducing the spread of fire and limiting the development of smoke. The Supreme product range improves the fire reaction on the top side, the Flameshield range improves the fire reaction on the ceiling side. 



Fitting a fire-retardant, layer to the top side improves the fire reaction class from Cfl-s1 to Bfl-s1, which is the best fire reaction available for wooden floors. 


C-s1,d01 / CLASS O3 

By melamine coating a white fire-retardant layer to the bottom side, the fire reaction can be improved from class D to class C. This panel also answers to the British standard Class O (BS:476 Part 6 &7) demand.



A fire-retardant top layer and a white, highly fire-retardant underlayer on the bottom side are combined to create a fire-retardant B-class mezzanine floor panel. 

Unilin mezzanine deluxe flooring with fire retardant finish