38mm Mezzanine Flooring

38mm Mezzanine Flooring is an intermediate floor constructed between the floor and ceiling or two main floors of a ceiling. The design of a mezzanine floor covers a specific area rather than covering the entire floor space. These floors are a great way to utilise unused vertical space to create more room in an existing structure. In industrial settings or warehouses with high ceilings mezzanine flooring is commonly. They are usually semi-permanent, free-standing structures.

Mezzanine floors creating new space quickly and efficiently without any added cost or inconvenience of relocation. In any environment and any location, these floors can be installed virtually anywhere. Their robust design and build quality make them the preferred choice for spaces that receive heavy traffic or require heavy-duty flooring options. Mezzanine flooring is different because it is customised and manufactured according to detailed drawings to suit their specifications.

Components of 38mm Mezzanine Flooring

Primary beams, columns, joists of purlins, and decking are the main components of mezzanine flooring, with decking being the most important. Although alternative options, such as concrete, composite, durbar plates, grating, and OSB are available, the 38mm particle board is by far the most commonly fitted option for mezzanine flooring. In the case of using laminated flooring from the anti-slip or deluxe range, it is recommended to use soft wheels instead of hard polyamide wheels. Also, a required levelled supporting steel structure ensures a levelled basis for the floor panels.

38mm Mezzanine Flooring Requirements and Uses

The 38mm particle board for mezzanine flooring is an ideal choice in a variety of settings, such as retail, manufacturing, offices, automotive, and logistics.


In a retail business, a mezzanine floor can increase the store’s floor space, enhance storage capacity, or create more display space. Rather than relocating, many retail outlets prefer mezzanines as an easy and economical option.


Mezzanine floors are a great fit for automated material handling plants especially when used alongside sortation systems and conveyor systems. To bear the load of the automated system or to be customised as walkways to move around the site, mezzanine floors work great. Mezzanine floors using innovative industrial 38mm particle board flooring create an additional workspace on the site.


Businesses that require more office space can invest in a mezzanine. It creates more workspace and grows their staff without having to attain another property. However, only large office spaces with high ceilings are advised for mezzanines.


Mezzanine flooring is a must-have in the manufacturing and production industry. One of the main reasons for this is because they’re easy to install, and their robust strength makes them able to handle the heavy load of a manufacturing system.


Companies operating in the automotive and transportation industries are built to bear heavy live loads, so mezzanine flooring is the ideal choice. Mezzanine flooring according to the specifications of the showroom, warehouse, or workshops is quickly installable and customisable.


A mezzanine is a great choice when it comes to optimising warehouse space. Mezzanines, together with racking systems, help create additional storage space within the warehouse. Also, Mezzanines create additional space for workstations above (or below) the floor.


From creating greater opportunities for secondary spend to enhancing storage space, 38mm mezzanine flooring can vary greatly in the leisure industry. Thereby creating more space for storage, sales, or workstations, amongst others.

38mm Mezzanine Flooring Checklist

The following are some of the factors to consider when considering a 38mm floor panel for mezzanines.

Prefinished 38mm Particle Board Flooring for Mezzanines

38m mezzanine flooring is the market-leading choice when it comes to cost-efficient and robust decking. Depending on its usage, a mezzanine floor designed with prefinished 38mm particle board flooring can bear loads of up to 3,000kg/m2. The 38mm particle board is designed to be durable and robust. Therefore making it the ideal choice for mezzanines in the manufacturing and warehousing industry.

38mm flooring boasts of a unique profile designed for ease of use and durability. The consistency in quality and the specifications from board to board ensures easy installation and a neat finish. This is what makes the 38mm particle board the ideal choice for mezzanine flooring.

Easy Installation

What sets 38mm flooring apart from the rest is its easy and fast installation. The incredibly well-designed connections of the floor panels ensure a quick and easy installation along with a higher load-bearing capacity. The 38mm floor panels feature a conical tongue and groove profile along with other innovative design features. Such as: increased sturdiness and reduced stepping makes it the ideal choice for industrial-grade mezzanine flooring. The closed joint design helps limit the risk of damage and reduces wear and tear during usage.

What will the Mezzanine Be Used For?

Before planning on getting 38mm flooring, you will first need to consider what the mezzanine flooring will be used for. This is mainly because a mezzanine flooring usually has varied safety requirements depending on its usage. For instance, a mezzanine used to increase office space will have different fire safety and deflection standards compared to a storage floor.

What Weight Will Be Placed on the Structure?

Having an idea of the weight placed on the structure helps you select suitable flooring options for your mezzanine floor. Please note: not all flooring options are created equal. Therefore special care needs to be given to the weight threshold of the materials used in constructing the mezzanine floor.

Prefinished 38mm particle board flooring is the ideal choice for its sturdy and robust build quality. The floor panel also needs to be strong enough to be able to absorb all forces. Including distributed and point loads, and should be able to deflect only to a very limited extent.

Unilin offers detailed mezzanine load tables for engineers and architects to find out the maximum uniform distributed loads along with the point load for all Unilin Mezzanine flooring panels.

100% Circular Wood

Prefinished 38mm particle board flooring is made from wood sourced from locations within a 400 km radius of the production sites. The wood used in the manufacturing process of 38mm flooring comes from recycling yards and demolition firms.

The thorough selection and sorting process it ensures all 38mm floor panels are made from at least 85% recycled wood. And, are supplemented by the wood procured from sustainable forestry and the waste streams of the timber industry.


When you invest in a Unilin panel, you are investing in the best 38mm flooring that money can buy. Especially for building a mezzanine floor for industrial use or warehousing, along with a variety of other applications. The 38mm floor panels feature a sturdy and wear-resistant top layer. Upper décor, baseboard for extra sturdiness, and lower décor supports the floor panels. This ensures an overall premium quality design that’s robust and long-lasting for mezzanine floors.

The baseboards come in various options. From the standard chipboard P4 to Chipboard P5, known for its structural and moisture resistant design, and Chipboard U7, known as an extremely rigid and strong (CE class P6) chipboard.

Anti-Slip Design

The anti-slip design of the Unilin panel minimises the risks of injury by slipping or tripping when working on the mezzanine flooring. The anti-slip panels ensure all items and equipment on the structure will remain firmly in place at all times. Anti-slip construction of 38mm flooring makes them the ideal for use in additional workstations, displays, or storage space.


Electrostatic dissipative flooring comes with an additional coating that prevents static shock. This is a major concern when it comes to mezzanine flooring options. Static shock or expensive equipment damages occur in many industries due to unwanted static discharge. In severe conditions, a static shock could also result in an explosion.

Anti-static flooring minimises or prevents the dangers of anti-static shock, especially in highly flammable environments. The specially coated surface of the 38mm flooring panels prevents a build-up of a charge. Build-up of charge occurs whilst a person walks across the mezzanine flooring. By this, they do not experience an uncomfortable shock once they touch a surface that can conduct electricity. This alone makes the fire-rated mezzanine board the ideal choice for mezzanines in the manufacturing and warehousing industry.

Ergonomic Sizing

The ergonomic sizing options of the Prefinished 38mm Particle Board Flooring make them the smart choice for those looking to build or upgrade a mezzanine floor in the warehousing space. Apart from prefinished options, users also get the opportunity to build custom-made 38mm flooring panels. The flooring panels are built according to their exact specifications and use. Creating a complete floor surface or an intermediate floor can be installed with 38mm panels. Each suitable for the storage and transport of goods or for workstations for the in-house workforce.

Fire Retardant

In the industrial space, fire resistance refers to the capacity of a construction project. In this case, a mezzanine floor build using 38mm flooring. It retains its supporting function and integrity for a specified time in the event of a fire. The Mezzanine range from UNILIN comprises a series of high-quality fire-retardant floor panels, which sets it apart from the rest. This helps limit the spread of the fire, regardless of size, and gives more time to put out the fire.


Ending Note

Unilin has years of experience in producing innovative and robust wood panels for the construction and interior design sector. We are the go-to choice when it comes to distributors for 38mm particleboard flooring and a whole host of other solutions such as complete storage solutions, mezzanine floors, walkovers, mezzanine offices, etc., along with complete design, manufacturing, and construction of mezzanines.  We offer fast-installation and cost-efficient flooring options for mezzanine flooring and warehouses. All offered for our clients in NSW, Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane, Melbourne, and their surrounding areas.